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Ryan Murphy is a television producing machine lately. The writer/director/producer has an insane amount of original TV programming currently airing, the majority of which have a home on FX. And although he's been getting plenty of attention due to projects like American Crime Story, Scream Queens, and Feud, there's one series that consistently captivates audiences every fall. American Horror Story completed its sixth thrilling season this past year with Roanoke, leading many to wonder what Murphy has up his sleeve for the show's seventh season. And while he's been sending some mixed messages about Season 7, Murphy recently got into more detail about how the 2016 Presidential Election will factor into new episodes.

Ryan Murphy recently spoke to the good folks at E! News about the mysterious seventh season of American Horror Story. When he was asked if the characters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were cast, Murphy said:

No, not yet. We're halfway through the writing and not yet. But it's really, really fun. It starts on election night is all I'll say...It's very scary that night for many people. It's fun, you will like it. It's really a season that will have a lot of people interested and I think there's something for everybody in that season.

Well, this does seem to clear up a few things about American Horror Story's seventh season. But in some ways, it makes all of Ryan Murphy's previous comments even more confusing. Let's break it all down.

Regarding the positive, we now have a much more clear view into what exactly AHS Season 7 will be about. Starting on Election Day, we'll see how President Trump's victory affected the American people, on both sides of the debate. Like with all Presidential Elections, the American population was ready to explode before the results were announced.

But since it's American Horror Story, the story will likely take a turn for the supernatural. How exactly Election 2016 will inform the more horrifying or extraordinary plot lines of the series is unknown, but considering all the surprises that came with Roanoke, it's clear that Ryan Murphy and company are going to keep us on our toes.

Ryan Murphy's comments to E! are also a bit confusing. Murphy previously revealed that AHS' seventh season would revolve around the election, with Sarah Paulson attached (but not playing Hillary Clinton). But on a recent appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, it seemed like he backtracked, and revealed that Clinton and Trump wouldn't actually be characters on the new season. However, Murphy has once again flipped the script, and revealed that they will indeed be casting both candidates to appear onscreen during Season 7.

With Ryan Murphy seemingly changing his mind every week or so, you'll definitely want to check back with us here at CinemaBlend for updates on all things American Horror Story.

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