Donald Trump Jr.'s Response To His SNL Impression Is Legit Great

Over its 42 years on the air, Saturday Night Live has poked fun at too many famous faces to recall in one setting, and while the majority of those targets haven't provided memorable responses, the opposite is the case when it comes to the show's treatment of Donald Trump and his White House team. Even before the election, Trump took constant offense with Alec Baldwin's sometimes weekly portrayal, but it looks like the critical apple may have fallen a ways from the tree. Here's the splendid way Donald Trump Jr. reacted to last weekend's take on him and his brother Eric.

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Now that is how someone should properly react to a goofy TV show's goofy impression. Rather than immediately getting angry and lashing out impulsively on social media, such as his father has done multiple times in the past, Donald Trump Jr. is game to take the ribbing. And he does a solid job of showing he isn't only fine with the Weekend Update impression from Mikey Day, but that he's also good to jump in on the gag with them. If Trump Jr. really was offering his services to go on SNL to play a heightened version of himself, that could lead to an Internet-breaking calamity.

In case you missed the sketch, and are wondering just what all the Cheerios are about in that Instagram post, Weekend Update pit Colin Jost against Mikey Day's Donald Trump Jr. and Alex Moffatt's Eric Trump, for an ethics-based conversation that revolved around just how little their father has to do with the family business these days. SNL's Trump Jr. got most of the dialogue, as brother Eric was busy shoveling dry cereal and Capri Sun into his mouth, at least when he wasn't making simpleton observations. So really, Eric would be the more insulted of the two bothers, but it's possible he also sees it as all in good fun.

The way that Donald Trump Jr. seems to be handling things, even if it was done completely for publicity, is similar to how former Republican POTUS George W. Bush views the way he was depicted on Saturday Night Live over the years. And one assumes that SNL will continue to put the current administration in its crosshairs, so perhaps Trump Jr. could offer some sage advice to his Pops about how much less of a headache it is to just play along. Perhaps if Alec Baldwin ever does leave...

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights on NBC, and this weekend's episode on March 11 will welcome Scarlett Johansson into the Five-Timers club, with Lorde taking on the musical performance. While waiting for that episode to get here, check out our midseason premiere schedule to see everything else that has yet to debut on the small screen int he coming months.

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