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The biggest mystery related to The Big Bang Theory lately has been whether or not the series will get renewed. Regardless, this week the long-running CBS comedy plans to throw us for a curveball with Sheldon, who will be dealing with a plotline related to Raj and his old bedroom at Penny and Leonard's place. Knowing Sheldon, you would think that he would find the situation unacceptable, but in a pre-episode preview, Sheldon is behaving rather strangely. In fact, we already know what Sheldon will have to say to Leonard when the episode eventually airs.

If you're implying that I have some problem with him moving into my room, you're wrong. Raj is in a difficult financial situation, and I'm glad that he's making changes to improve it.

Sounds like a completely reasonable and caring reaction, right? And the weird thing is, when Sheldon makes the comment to Amy, Penny and Leonard in the upcoming clip for this week's episode, he is at least making every effort to come off as sincere. In a lot of ways, this is totally out of character and truly disturbing for Sheldon, who spent much of Season 10 freaking out about the prospect of leaving his old room. While he eventually did let go and move in with Amy, that only came after that awkward episode where he was her roomie for a weekend and more.

Hallway the big bang theory season 10

Even Penny and Leonard are aware this is an extremely odd reaction from Sheldon. Leonard cracks some jokes about the drugs that Sheldon must be on, and Penny gets in a great pseudo-science line about how Sheldon should be acting, which is:

For every action you have a gigantic and annoying reaction.

We know from photos that CBS released from the episode that eventually Raj and Sheldon will have some sort of conversation, which seems to indicate that Sheldon is not as blasé about the whole roommate arrangement across the hall as he is making out early on during the episode. We'll have to wait and see how the new episode, which is rolling with the title "The Escape Hatch Identification," pans out, but it looks like Sheldon will have to be dealing with yet another adjustment in his personal life. Unfortunately, this means that Raj will have a bit of an issue on his hands, too.

Raj and Sheldon argue on The Big Bang Theory

While we wait for Thursday's big episode to air, you can catch the full clip over at TV Line. New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET, only on CBS. You can also take a look at what is headed to TV over the next couple of months with our midseason TV premiere schedule.