Watch An Old Dude Air Hump Hard After Winning On The Price Is Right

Celebrating is a relative action. Some people can win a championship sporting event and manage to limit their responses to taking a knee and smiling, while others will continue bragging about elementary spelling bees well into retirement. I'll leave it up to all of you to decide where to classify the air-humping Price is Right contestant in the video below.

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What say ye? Is this contestant someone who would squeeze his happiness down to a compacted acorn, or is he a tree of over-exuberant life? Yeah, it's definitely the second choice. I have to imagine that if this guy ever had surgery, he got up and danced after the anesthetics were delivered into his system. And you know how he danced, right? Hip thrust, hip thrust, hip thrust.

It's hard to do anything but chuckle and slightly avert one's gaze; he knows that was the textbook definition for "a bit much." To his credit, at least he keeps it silly and only humps the air without gyrating his hips or anything else that creates discomfort for everyone beneath him. (Note to self: The Unsettling of Contestants Row is a stellar album title.) If you can't keep it classy, at least keep it from being arrest-level lewd.

What I like to think about here is, this is how he reacted to winning the Pricing Round, which absolutely should be celebrated in some wild manner, even if more horizontal motion is happening than up-and-down jumping. So this is our baseline for his behavior when he's pumped. Now, there should be videos of him at other points on this excitement spectrum, from the lower side of "Nailing the polish on that model car" to the high end of "Winning the lottery while punching a lifelong nemesis in the face." This is a project that Discovery needs to turn into a limited series. (And definitely get a camera on him when he finds out that he's getting his own series.)

In the scheme of things, humping the Price is Right airspace isn't as bad as getting Drew Carey's name wrong. Or breaking shit. It definitely ranks up there with the most unique celebrations we've ever seen, and it's certain that Aaron Paul would approve.

In 2017, there should be a way for scientists to extract the jubilance of game show contestants so that it may be turned into an all-natural remedy for clinical depression. Or, at the very least, as an alternative for alcohol. While we're waiting for that phenomenon to happen, check out our picks for the greatest kids game shows ever, and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's coming to the small screen in the near future.

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