Watch A Price Is Right Contestant Call Drew Carey The Wrong Name

Game shows are always fun to watch, but they don't always look like they're all that enjoyable for the contestants. The most successful often have to keep their eyes on the prize, and that can lead to some major gaffes on camera. One woman recently had the chance to win big on The Price Is Right; unfortunately, however, she made a little mistake that she may never be able to forget. Contestant Grace called host Drew Carey by the wrong name, and it was pretty funny. Take a look!

Well, if Drew Carey was starting to feel like he'd stepped out of Bob Barker's shadow as host of The Price Is Right, Grace may have just put him in his place. She didn't even seem to realize that she'd called him by the wrong name at first. In a way, the flub speaks highly of her focus on the task at hand. Did she accidentally confuse Drew Carey with Bob Barker despite the fact that Carey has been the Price Is Right host for nearly a decade? Sure. But all's fair in love, war, and game shows, and Carey barely even missed a beat after he registered that she'd mistaken his name.

This clip really solidifies my love for Drew Carey as a comedian. He could have reacted in a way that made her look ridiculously foolish or turned the entire exchange into something painfully awkward. Instead, he laughed it off, cracked a joke, and amusingly introduced himself to poor Grace. She was clearly mortified once she realized what she'd done; kudos to Carey for bringing the laughs without making her feel awful for calling him by the wrong name. It's not easy being a game show host, but Drew Carey makes it look effortless. All the sick kids home from school and watching probably got a kick out of it.

Hopefully Grace has watched enough of The Price Is Right over the years to know that she's far from the only person who has been slightly less than smooth on stage. At least she didn't break part of the set, wipe out on a treadmill, have to admit that she barely understands the rules, or introduce herself as "a student of education in college." Honestly, even Aaron Paul looked a little goofier during his first and second times on The Price Is Right. All things considered, it could have gone much worse for poor Grace.

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Laura Hurley
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