The Most Underrated Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character, According To Amber Benson

Tara singing "Under Your Spell" in Buffy Season 6

Yesterday was a good one for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The supernatural dramedy celebrated its 20th anniversary, with the midseason replacement first having aired back in 1997. The rabid fanbase has been celebrating the milestone through trivia nights and viewing parties, and the cast and crew have all recently been interviewed about the still popular series. Part of the reason why Buffy fans hold the series so close to their hearts is the colorful cast of characters created by Joss Whedon, although there are some who are more popular than others. And Amber Benson (aka Tara Maclay) has come to the defense of one less popular members of the scooby gang.

Amber Benson was recently interviewed about Buffy's 20th Anniversary, and her experience on The WB/UPN series. She was eventually asked which character was the most underrated (via AV Club), where she said,

I think that would have to be Michelle Trachtenberg, Dawn. I feel like people were really uncertain about that whole sort of introduction of the Key, and I think Michelle was so fantastic, and I thought she brought a lot of life to the show. We were sort of on the downward run of seasons and to have her come in---and she was such a fan of the show. She knew Buffy backwards and forwards. So to have this excited, happy energy on set was really lovely.

Well, that's certainly an unpopular opinion. It turns out that Amber Benson loved the addition of Dawn in Season 5, regardless of how many hardcore fans don't care for the character.

Dawn's introduction at the tail end of Buffy's Season 5 premiere left the fandom gobsmacked. In the final moments of "Buffy vs. Dracula", we see Buffy about to depart 1630 Revello Drive for a movie date with Riley. But a strange girl is in Buffy's room, as Joyce asks The Slayer to bring her sister (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) along with her. Cue mic drop.

And while Dawn's introduction in Season 5 brought one of Buffy's best big bads with Glory, the character herself frustrated audiences. The rest of the scoobies had become more adult and powerful by Season 5, but Dawn was a new character that had be rescued every few episodes. She was also the most whiney characters on the show. She whined about her crush on Xander, whined about being neglected, whined about shoplifting, and whined about not being trained by Buffy.

Dawn would eventually become a more vital part of the gang by Season 7. She got some highlights, cut her hair, and trained in both combat and watcher-like research. For it second it seemed like she might even be a potential slayer, but she ended up staying human during Season 7. And while the comics helped expand her role further, most casual fans will mostly remember Dawn for being a bit annoying during her first season or two.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is currently available in its entirety on Netflix.

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