Why Eugene Has Fallen In With Negan On The Walking Dead, According To Josh McDermitt

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With three episodes to go in Season 7, The Walking Dead is throwing a lot at us. With war seeming all but inevitable, we have to wonder what will become of the former friend turned traitor Eugene, who squirmed right into Negan and the Saviors arms the minute the going got tough. It wasn't just disappointing for fans, actor Josh McDermitt is just as ashamed at his character as he explains Eugene's change in allegiance:

Eugene is scared. He's trying to protect himself. And why not align yourself with the man who's causing the most fear in your life?... Throughout the show, we've seen [Eugene] adapt and change. That's how he survives. He lies and manipulates. He's like a cockroach, man!

Sounds like Josh McDermitt didn't mince words as he spoke to fans at Paleyfest L.A. (via TV Line). Indeed, Eugene has been a bit of a cockroach as of late. It's not like we didn't expect it, as he's always been a bit of a coward. While we all want to think of ourselves as the Rick or Michonne of the bunch, who would say no to the lush treatment Eugene is getting when you live in a hell like The Walking Dead? Eugene, like McDermitt puts it, is all about survival and adapting to change. So, could he redeem himself?

There's still a chance Eugene could be playing the long game. He could be infiltrating Alexandria only to turn on Negan when the time is right. While he is cowardly, he was able to deceive the Survivors into thinking he was a scientist, so there's a chance he could be working with the Saviors only to turn the tables on Negan and Alexandria when the timing is right. It's possible, but seems a bit too risky for someone like Eugene.

More than likely, I think, if he can survive the oncoming war, we'll see Eugene shift gears back to the Survivors if things go their way. While he has been treated well by Negan, I don't imagine that allegiance lasting should things start going bad, and Eugene is smart enough to know life in Alexandria is not ideal despite his current status. While I'm sure some Survivors would look down upon Eugene jumping right back into the fold so quickly, a moment of heroics at a crucial point in the battle could be enough to get him back in good with his former friends.

Will Eugene find redemption in the eyes of the survivors and fans of The Walking Dead? That remains to be seen, although I don't think many of us can say we're all too happy with him at the moment. The Walking Dead is all new every Sunday up until the finale at 9 pm ET on AMC. Don't be that person who whines on Facebook about having nothing to watch after it ends; head over to our midseason premiere guide to have another show on deck following what should be an epic finale.

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