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This week's Walking Dead episode is up for discussion, as are some of the comic-related storylines, so there are spoilers afoot for those who haven't watched or read.

One of the most overused tricks in TV dramas is the last second reveal of a character, identity known or unknown, that throws a wrench into whatever was just happening. It's overused because it works like a charm almost every time, of course, and The Walking Dead effectively tapped into that earlier this season with the Heapster that was lurking around Alexandria looking for the houseboat supplies. Tonight's "The Other Side" gave us what could be a far more interesting version of it, as it appears Rosita has been discovered by a crossbow in the shadows. Also, by a person! Dun-dun-dunnn.

So, we all know that it's technically possible that might be Daryl there, possibly out tracking the two women, or maybe on his own recon mission after hiding to avoid his death earlier in the episode. But we already got enough from Daryl during the episode, so it wouldn't make that much sense to get him back in there in secret mode. No, this stringy-hair almost definitely belongs to Dwight, and next week's episode all depends on how Scott Gimple & Co. want to play up Dwight's connection to the comic books, as well as how important Rosita is meant to be in the duration of the impending All Out War.

By those last few moments of the episode, Rosita was basically a completely different character than she had been when the opening credits rolled, both in reference to audiences and her own emotional state. She and Sasha had a big old emotionally gratifying talk while waiting to strike out at Negan, and her backstory got Sasha to renege on taking Rosita on as a partner in this scheme, and Rosita is (kind of rudely) told to haul ass out of there. But it's not as if safety is easy to come by out in the wilderness, and Rosita could be in some serious trouble if Dwight aims to take her captive.

Dwight walking dead worried

After all, it wouldn't be very good for Team Family's cause to have Sasha and Rosita's already shoddy and altered plan have Sasha go out in a blaze of bullets while Rosita gets captured and either killed or made to funnel all the Kool Aid that Negan is currently giving to Eugene's chicken-shit self. (I say that as someone who would probably also fall in line for video games and snacks.) Rosita wouldn't last long in that odds-light scenario, and she would likely get pulled to pieces in one way or another.

However, it's definitely possible that Dwight doesn't explicitly mean ill will towards Rosita, and that he may want her help for something involving Sherry, just because that might as well be an option. But what we really want to see is Dwight finally making the strong and possibly regrettable decision to take a legitimate stand against his boss and tormenter Negan, as opposed to his earlier plan to run away from it all. He doesn't have much going for him after all that happened recently, at least besides residual anger, so hopefully he'll realize where that anger should be directed, and that Negan gets most of it.

We will have to see what Gotta Be Dwight has in store for Rosita when next week's episode of The Walking Dead hits AMC on Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. While waiting and pondering, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere guide to discovery what new and returning shows you can devote your attention to when the walkers stop roaming.

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