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Fox News has been covering the news for years now, and served as a cable host to various political analysts and pundits offering their spin on the news. One of those analysts, Judge Andrew Napolitano, turned himself from news contributor to a headline following remarks supporting President Donald Trump's claims that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration prior to the Presidential election. Now that the dust has settled on the FBI investigation, and both the President's and Napolitano's remarks have been discredited, the Judge has been taken off of Fox News indefinitely.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has not been on Fox News since his remarks involving the network's involvement in the alleged wiretapping investigation. Napolitano made the implication on a Thursday program that Fox News was in contact with intelligence officials who believed his claim that British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters wiretapped Donald Trump's offices at the request of former President Barack Obama. The statement was then echoed by President Trump in his joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. When challenged about the claim, President Trump then name-dropped Fox News and Napolitano, referring to the latter as a "very talented lawyer." Not wishing to continue the claim, Fox News had reporter Shepard Smith dispute it with an official statement later that day.

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It was expected that, given his judicial background, Andrew Napolitano would be present for Fox News' coverage of the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, but he has yet to be seen, and it's unclear when that might change. The LA Times has sources who say we won't be seeing Napolitano on the network anytime soon, and that Napolitano was unavailable for comment regarding his removal. For now, the news is the seemingly the end of a controversy that began weeks ago on Twitter.

What began as an accusatory tweet from the President about wiretapping quickly snowballed into an international event as Judge Andrew Napolitano got involved. It was Napolitano who initially inspired the idea of British Intelligence wiretapping as a possible scenario to how such an incident would happen and cited unnamed sources to his claim. This statement would anger the Government Communications Headquarters as well as the British Government. Both the initial tweet from President Trump and the claims by Napolitano got discredited on Monday by FBI director James Comey, when he told Congress the agency found no evidence of wiretapping by the former Obama administration.

This would not be the first time Fox News has found itself in controversial waters, as reporter Sean Hannity, former CEO Roger Ailes, and others have found themselves in the spotlight over the last year. For now, it would appear that with Andrew Napolitano off the air, the company is making moves towards damage control and perhaps pulling in the reigns on some of its analysts. Now that you're all up to speed politically, maybe you need to switch off your brain with some good old fantasy TV? Check out our midseason premiere guide and summer TV schedule and find something to lose yourself in for awhile.

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