Game Of Thrones May Give Cersei Another Big Enemy In Season 7

Cersei on the Iron Throne

With just two short seasons left, HBO's megahit Game of Thrones has begun to set its grand finale in motion. Last season we saw the various characters and settings of the fantasy series finally interacting, and Season 6 ended with Dany sailing to Westeros, dragons in tow. Now there seem to be just two main conflicts left: the revolt against Queen Cersei and House Lannister, and the true war to come against the Knight's King's army of the dead. And it looks like there may be another player turning against Cersei in Season 7.

Season 7 will feature the return of tertiary character Tycho Nestoris, an employee from Braavos' Iron Bank. Actor Mark Gatiss recently revealed that he'll be returning to Game of Thrones for quite a few episodes this season, saying:

I've done four episodes now and there's two more they think.

If you ask me, this doesn't bode well for Cersei Lannister. While he was still alive, Tywin Lannister revealed that his great House was actually broke, and that their "wealth" mostly functioned to keep the smallfolk (and Lannister enemies) in their place. And with House Tyrell now backing Dany's claim, King's Landing is fresh out of money. If Cersei has any hope of protecting King's Landing against Dany's revolt, she's going to need the Westerosi dolla bills.

Although she torched all of her enemies within King's Landing, Cersei certainly isn't out of the woods. Kkaleesi has a mass of ships, three full dragons, the Dothraki, and support from the Tyrells, Martells, and Greyjoys. So while Cersei finally upon the Iron Throne, the Queen can't afford to making enemies out of the Iron Bank in Braavos. If Cersei going to fund her defenses, she's going to need to appeal to the Iron Bank. Looks like somebody needs a new Master of Coin.

Mark Gatiss told Express.Co in the same interview that his final scene is likely with someone quite important. While extremely vague, Gatiss revealed:

The last scene I'm in with - I probably can't say because it would be a spoiler, wouldn't it?

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Braavos banker Tucho Nestoris eventually got to share the screen with none other than Queen Cersei. With her small council still likely in transition, the Iron Bank might just want to speak with the Queen herself. This could be a great opportunity to see Cersei get her hands dirty again, possibly killing Nestoris in an attempt to destroy his suspicions. But will it work?

I guess we'll have to see. Game of Thrones Season 7 may be one of the most political yet, as Daenerys will have to persuade the denizens of Westeros to join her revolt, and support her claim to the Iron Throne. And with the world's banking system now brought into the picture, we're going to have a regular House of Cards situation next season.

Game of Thrones's seventh season will premiere on July 16, 2017. Check out our full summer 2017 premiere list and plan your next binge watching session accordingly!

Corey Chichizola
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