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Keanu Reeves Is Heading To TV For The First Time

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When you think about watching Keanu Reeves in action, you're likely picturing him up on the big screen, either blasting bullets at villains or stylistically dodging bullets from villains. It's far harder to mentally picture him walking around a TV show and cracking jokes, isn't it? That'll be a lot easier to do in the near future, though, as Reeves will make his big TV debut through the talent-filled comedy series Swedish Dicks, Private Investigators, which is one of several series ordered by the network Pop.

The Swedish-American comedy Swedish Dicks centers on Peter Stormare's former stuntman Ingmar Andersson trying to carve out an existence as a private detective in Los Angeles. He runs into a struggling DJ, Johan Glans' Alex Kruse, who decides to leave that life behind to join Ignmarr in solving cases and trying to top L.A.'s most successful P.I. company, run by Traci Lords' Jane McKinney. Keanu Reeves enters the story with a recurring role as Tex Johnson, an old stunt-performing friend of Ignmarr's that has an interesting history.

Pop will be Swedish Dicks' first official linear TV home, with Lionsgate TV behind the distribution rights, although the show has already been airing on the Swedish streaming service Viaplay since last year. The comedy will also feature appearances by Anthony Lapaglia, Eric Roberts, Margaret Cho, Vivian Bang and Felisha Cooper.

Keanu Reeves was supposed to make his debut on the small screen several years ago for the espionage thriller Rain, but that obviously never happened. In the past, the actor has shown up on TV as a child for a few forgettable shows, and perhaps the most notable of all his past limited TV jaunts was voicing Ted "Theodore" Logan for the top-notch animated version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. That show is still one of the best movie-to-TV adaptations out there.

Along with Swedish Dicks, Private Detectives, Pop picked up two other new scripted projects. One, Hot Date, comes from CollegeHumor and stars two of that studio's biggest stars, Emily Axford and Brian K. Murphy. The other is Clique, a drama from the creative team behind the U.K. hit Skins that centers on two best friends entering college, where one of them gets drawn into a mysterious group of powerful females. As well, Pop has a slew of both scripted and unscripted projects in development, so expect this cable channel to make big Reeves, er, waves in the near future.

Swedish Dicks, Private Detectives will premiere on Pop this fall, while Season 2 will go into production this summer, presumably to air in 2018. In the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV schedule to see everything else heading to the small screen in the near future.

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