One Adorable Walking Dead Fan Gave Steven Yeun The Best Present

If there's one TV fandom that is the most passionate at the moment, it's got to be AMC's The Walking Dead. Listed as cable's most popular show, there are millions of fans who tune in every week to see their favorite apocalyptic survivors attempt to live through another day. The cast is constantly appearing in various conventions and cons, which can lead to some fantastic interaction with the fans.

Case in point: Silicon Valley Comic-Con, which saw Walking Dead OG Steven Yeun interact with an adorable pint sized fan dressed as Carol, complete with cookies. Check out the pictures, via Bay Area HQ.

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I mean, how cute is that? That little girl's parents deserve some type of award, because her Carol cosplay is spot on and adorable. Just look at that cardigan, for goodness sakes.

Overall, this was a pretty delightful fan interaction. The mini Cookie Lady came to the mic during a Q&A section, where she asked if Steven would like one of her cookies. She says the cookies are "to die for", which is a fantastic reference to the ill fated Sam Anderson. Back in Season 5, Sam caught Carol (who was playing innocent and helpless) stealing weapons from Alexandria's armory. All he wanted was some more of Carol's cookies, but the scene took a dark turn when she threatened to kidnap the kid and leave him tied to a tree for walkers. Yikes.

As a reminder, check out the Cookie Lady in action.

Savage AF.

In a way, it's a shame that Carol came out of the closet during the Wolves' attack on Alexandria. Her duplicitous nature in the safe zone was pretty fascinating to watch, as was her secret relationship with Sam. And in the end, she was partly responsible for Sam's death. Upon seeing a zombified little boy, Carol's words seemed to echo in his head and cause a mental breakdown for Sam. He stopped in his tracks, and the hordes of walkers who has invaded Alexandria ended up devouring all three remaining members of the Anderson family- including Rick's lady friend Jesse.

The diehard fans must have especially loved this fan interaction, as Carol and Glenn haven't interacted in the show for quite some time. Carol wasn't present during Negan's murder of Glenn and Abaraham, and she spent most of Season 7 thinking they all survived the conflict with the Saviors. Glenn and Carol were some of the final members of the original Atlanta group, which now consists of just Carol, Rick, Daryl, and Carl.

You can actually see a video of Steven Yeun interacting with mini Carol over on the next page. Check it out.

Doesn't that just melt your undead heart?

While The Walking Dead won't be back till the fall, you can check out Fear The Walking Dead's third season starting on June 4, 2017.

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