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The Only Savitar Reveal That Makes Sense For The Flash

As I'm sure most other fans of The Flash have done, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the identity of Savitar ahead of the big supposed reveal. We've shared our thoughts on who we definitely don't believe the Season 3 big bad will be, and we've recently learned another likely candidate is out of the running as well. With those two eliminated, I was forced to consider a character I didn't want to, one Cisco Ramon, and suddenly, it all made sense. Shocking I know, but these arguments all point to a reveal I'm not even sure the present Cisco will see coming!

Cisco Ramon The Flash Savitar Future Cisco Season 3 Reveal CW

He Knows Everything That Has Happened

Cisco is not only aware of everything in the present, he also has knowledge of the future events via his Vibe abilities, and when you add Barry explaining to him the alternate timeline in which he used to live, this solves the issue behind how Savitar knows the entire story behind Team Flash up to this point. Even if you make it all a little vaguer, the only living people aware that an alternate timeline existed, as well as the events that happened in them, begin and end with the core cast of The Flash. Obviously Savitar is a meta, and we already know what (present) Barry and Caitlin are up to, so who is left?

No, it's not HR, since there's no way he would draw that kind of reaction from Caitlin. Ronnie seems like a good option, but he can't be aware of everything that happened in the above paragraph, and the Flashpoint timeline isn't relevant to him in any way. Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon was another good guess, but he's a slave to the Speed Force as Black Flash, as seen on Legends Of Tomorrow, so that leaves Wally and Cisco. Wally killing his own sister just to hurt his future brother-in-law Barry doesn't make too much sense, but Future Cisco definitely has beef with his former best friend. He also has a relationship with Caitlin that goes far beyond either of their respective friendships with Barry, and I'd like to think seeing Cisco's face behind Savitar's mask would get her to quickly change Caitlin's tone, even in Killer Frost form.

He Has Ample Motive

Flashpoint has already created, and will continue to create, more problems for Cisco. It started with Cisco losing his brother, which was a big point of tension between Barry and Cisco early in Season 3 of The Flash, and then fast-forward to Caitlin's switch to Killer Frost, taking away another one of Cisco's best friends. Everyone on Team Flash is aware Caitlin was not a meta pre-Flashpoint, meaning it's Barry's fault. Future Cisco revealed that Savitar killing Iris broke up Team Flash, and that's definitely something Present Cisco would be upset about. We also learn that Killer Frost destroys Cisco's hands, which is again an event that wouldn't have happened without Flashpoint. Cisco may not be evil now, but what would 8 years of isolation do to him?

We all saw crazy-eyed Future Cisco, and there is definitely something off about him. If Future Cisco is Savitar though, there must be a reason why the speed god isn't out wreaking havoc. We all know that Savitar is a man in a suit, so maybe Future Barry locked away the Savitar suit itself, which contained the Philosopher's stone. It's possible that Cisco can vibe in and out of the speed force, since we saw him vibe into it fairly recently, and even though his speedster powers would be lost here, Savitar's already won. Barry is miserable and now feels exactly how Cisco did thanks to Flashpoint. Present Barry showing up in the future might have caused some concern, but what could Cisco do without the Savitar suit?

He Doesn't Know The Limit To His Power

This is something that calls all the way back to Earth-2 Cisco/Reverb that appeared in Season 2 of The Flash. After seeing Earth-1 Cisco in action, Reverb makes the snide comment that our lovable S.T.A.R Labs employee hasn't even discovered his full potential. Since then, we've seen Cisco make some solid strides with improving his abilities, but has he reached his full potential yet? I find it very hard to believe Cisco's abilities are completely lost without the use of his hands, and even if they were, the Philosopher's Stone could restore those powers. Let's not forget that Savitar, like Cisco, can travel worlds with relative ease to destroy other speedsters. That's not something Barry, Zoom, or Hunter Zolomon could do without help. So how would Cisco find the stone and become a speedster?

Out of everyone in the series who could sniff out a Philosopher's stone, Cisco is the guy. All he has to do is vibe around until he finds it and, voila, he's now a speedster. Even with a fragment of the stone (which Caitlin did create), the affable engineer could easily create a suit that either utilizes the speed or enhances his vibe abilities to make him appear faster than he actually is. Is it really a stretch that the guy always making bad ass gear for Barry also made the Savitar suit? I'm foggy on the tech-heavy details, obviously, but basically the only thing separating Savitar from Cisco abilities wise is speed, and that stone is the key.

I don't want Savitar to be future Cisco, but to me, that's what makes sense. There are too many connecting lines and too many plausible reasons, and even if it's someone completely different beneath the mask, I'm still not convinced. Future Cisco should be Savitar, even if he isn't. Be sure to share your thoughts on who Savitar should be as well as your reaction to the reveal when it hits. The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. Also, visit our summer premiere schedule as well as our renewal guide to make sure you're up to snuff on all things coming and going.

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