Why The Flash's Savitar Shouldn't Be The Most Obvious Choice

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Warning! This post contains spoilers for The Flash.

May 3rd looks to be the date that The Flash finally reveals the identity of Savitar. With the latest episode of the show revealing Caitlin Snow's immediate allegiance to the villain upon learning his identity, many are quick to assume that Savitar is Snow's former husband Ronnie Raymond. While arguments regarding the theory have been convincing, and could very well be true, there are so many reasons as to why Ronnie shouldn't be the bad guy.

I think this is the biggest hole in the Ronnie Raymond theory is how does Raymond know about Team Flash? Ronnie disappeared in the first episode of Season 2 of the show, and before that only spent a limited time with the members of The Flash. Ronnie's knowledge of the team prior to entering the singularity would've excluded Wally West, Cisco's super powers, Earth 2 Wells and HR, Jesse Quick, and so on. Savitar has knowledge of all that, which means his knowledge either spans across worlds, or perhaps he's an omniscient entity aware of specifically everything involving Team Flash. From what we know right now, it seems like a bit of a reach.

Second, where did Ronnie Raymond get the ability to surpass Barry Allen in terms of speed? The popular theory behind this one is his hypothetical blue flame, which was seen when Professor Stein spent too long without Ronnie connected to him. That definitely would explain Savitar's blue glow, but not much else. Stein's separation from Ronnie nearly killed him, so are we to assume Ronnie would thrive under the same effects? Additionally, some fans may theorize that Ronnie may have constructed the Savitar suit to balance his energy and used the flame to give himself super speed.

I for one would like to know how someone trapped in a singularity manages to construct such a device. Ronnie Raymond served as a structural engineer for S.T.A.R Labs, so I don't doubt his ability to build the suit, but where did he do it? Ronnie had to construct this suit in a space that allowed for numerous resources for survival and building, full view of multiple world events, and a way to come back to Earth 1. You would really have to be a God of Speed to make all that happen.

Ronnie Singularity

And even if he did construct the suit, what motivation does Ronnie Raymond have for destroying Barry Allen's life? If Ronnie was conscious and able to witness everything that happened when he was separated, didn't he see Barry's anger and regret that he couldn't save him? Wouldn't he know that Caitlin wouldn't want to be Killer Frost? If Savitar is the God of Speed and master of time and space, can't Ronnie just go back in time and save himself while still stopping the singularity and prevent all of this from happening? This is the stuff that makes me so skeptical that Savitar is truly Ronnie Raymond.

Provided Ronnie Raymond is revealed to be Savitar on The Flash May 3rd at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, these are the questions you should be asking. I won't deny the evidence surrounding him can be convincing, but I'm just not sold on the scenario. Let's not forget HR featured face changing software earlier in the season; so while this guy might look like Ronnie, he could be someone else.

Be sure not to think too hard about all this (like I did) and enjoy all the other new shows on television coming out. You can keep track of all shows returning and new via our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule.

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