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Why The Flash Paired Savitar And Killer Frost Together

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We only have a few episodes left of The Flash Season 3, and the action is really starting to pick up. The last episode featured Savitar revealing his identity to Killer Frost, which was enough to convince her to team up with him in taking down Team Flash. Unfortunately, the episode didn't show us the identity of the man beneath the mask, but we'll find out very soon. Now, actress Danielle Panabaker has revealed why Killer Frost was so willing to join Savitar, saying this:

There's a relationship that exists there that prompts Killer Frost to turn her loyalty to Savitar very quickly. Once it becomes clear who Savitar is, you start to understand why Killer Frost aligned with him so quickly. Killer Frost's quick alignment with Savitar informs a lot of the decisions that she makes.

There have been plenty of candidates for the man in the Savitar armor throughout Season 3, and the only one we've really been able to rule out definitively is Hunter Zolomon thanks to actor Teddy Sears' recent remarks. Now, judging by Danielle Panabaker's tease to EW, we can safely say that Killer Frost knows Savitar quite well. In fact, her words lend even more credence to the theory that none other than Ronnie Raymond is Savitar. Although there are definitely flaws with the theory, Killer Frost obviously knew Ronnie quite well back when she was Caitlin Snow, and we've already seen over on Earth-2 that an evil Caitlin and an evil Ronnie make for formidable pair of baddies.

Whether Savitar is Ronnie or not, a big question is why he chose to reveal his identity to Killer Frost when he did. She's enough of a wild card that he couldn't have been 100% positive that she'd sign on with him. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Savitar didn't randomly gamble on Killer Frost. Kreisberg had this to say about the Savitar/Killer Frost team:

How lost is Caitlin that she's willing to do what Savitar needs her to do? She plays a unique part. He's not just looking for an evil cohort; she's actually necessary for him to pull off his plans.

While The Flash is clearly gearing up to pit Killer Frost and Vibe against each other in battle, Savitar could very well be after Killer Frost her what her chilly abilities can do to speedsters. If she is on his side, Savitar will have a major asset in thwarting Barry and prevent Killer Frost from aiming her icy powers in his direction. In fact, given the fact that the two nemeses of Season 3 are speedsters (again), Killer Frost's powers could be the deciding factor in the ultimate showdown. If Team Flash manages to turn her back into Caitlin, she could be instrumental in defeating Savitar.

We'll have to wait and see. If Killer Frost does turn back to the side of the good guys, we can bet that it probably won't be in the next episode. We still have to see her terrorize Central City, and she hasn't really be at large just yet. She and Savitar together could be a very deadly duo and rack up quite the body count. We can only hope that Barry and Co. can stop them before they go too far.

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