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South Park President Trump Comedy Central Mr. Garrison

Last year, the South Park team made headlines with the news that they had to scrap their election episode, as they anticipated that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidential election. All things considered, the show handled the switch fairly well, and gotten acclaim for their work with the President Trump-ified Mr. Garrison. While rewarding, both creators are glad it's done. Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk about being burnt out on Presidential parody below:

Well, I'm glad that we're not putting anything on the air right now. At the end of last season, we needed to go. We were both so exhausted and had nothing to say. We were just like, 'I don't know. We gotta go away.' So I don't envy people who, through that tumult, try to go on and be funny. I actually think it's hard, I think it's kinda comedy-killing. People come up to us all the time like, 'Oh man, you got so much good material,' and I'm like, 'I don't think it's that great of material.'

Of course, South Park has thrived in its past seasons due to its topicality, politics are highly topical to the mainstream public more than ever. From the sound of their interview with The Ringer, Trey Parker and Matt Stone don't wish to do another President Trump heavy season. Citing shows like Saturday Night Live as an example, Stone and Parker say they understand and are grateful for the constant satire they've found success in, but that they can only hit the same stuff so much. Parker adds that at some point, it can be hard to parody someone if it feels as though that person's real life persona becomes the parody you're poking fun at.

Obviously, these statements feature a bit of political bias, so if you find yourself getting angry at Matt Stone and Trey Parker, take solace in knowing they don't seem keen on parodying President Trump quite so hard next season. I'm sure some shots will still be taken, but both creators maintain that South Park will not become a full-blown political satire. Both Stone and Parker are completely fine hitting the President with something one week, and then doing fart jokes the next. Whether or not Stone and Parker have a change of heart when they actually get into Season 21 of South Park remains to be seen.

While it sounds like Matt Stone and Trey Parker were really down on President Trump, wait until you see how they tore into Star Wars: The Force Awakens/ While Season 21 of South Park has been confirmed, we don't have an official release date for the series at the moment. Once we do, I'm sure it will pop up on a list much like our handy summer premiere guide where you can find all new shows premiering for the next couple months. Also, make sure you're aware of when all your favorite shows are coming to an end so you can see all the big twists and cliffhangers.