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Melissa McCarthy is an actress who makes big waves with almost every performance she puts out there, from her early years on Gilmore Girls to her recent surge on the small screen for her impression of press secretary Sean Spicer in Saturday Night Live's warped version Donald Trump's administration. It looks like Spicer is coming back this weekend when McCarthy hosts, and she won't be limited to standing around the SNL stage, either. Check her out below!

That's right, NBC Studios just isn't enough to contain Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer anymore. Not even 30 Rockerfeller Plaza is big enough. No, this performance is one that needs a wide open setting in order for McCarthy to go as over-the-top as she's done in the past. Just standing behind a podium, the actress gives off more energy and verve than entire Saturday Night Live casts have during its lamest seasons. So to the streets, they go, as captured by CNN Money's Elena Zak.

It's hardly shocking that Melissa McCarthy's first time hosting Saturday Night Live will incorporate the sketch show's second most viral entity, Sean Spicer, into the episode. But while the on-stage cold open is usually the place where SNL's big politics sketches are set up, McCarthy is "on location" in public, rolling around 58th street with the podium strapped to the back of a vehicle. One wonders how that will show up on Saturday night, as it would be amusing if iSpicer is running late to a press conference and has to use his podium as a vehicle to get to work. No carpool lane allowed! Unless Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump is hiding somewhere.

You can get another quick look at Melissa McCarthy out on the town in the video below.

There are just two live coast-to-coast episodes left in Saturday Night Live in Season 42, with Melissa McCarthy's episode (with musical guest HAIM) being followed by one hosted by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who welcomes Katy Perry as the musical guest for that episode. Thankfully, we'll get to watch the latest SNL spinoff soon, as Weekend Update will once again show up in primetime in a few months.

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