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Gotham actor David Mazouz may portray one of the youngest characters in a sea of bizarre and heightened personalities, but he's the most important of them all, as his is the head that will don the cowl. Season 3 has been particularly fruitful in laying out the stepping stones for Mazouz's Bruce Wayne to reach Batman-dom, especially where his fisticuffs are concerned. The actor spoke with CinemaBlend about Bruce's journey and training sessions with the mysterious Shaman, and I was pumped to hear that the best is yet to come where fights are concerned. Is Mazouz's words:

[Something] I've found very exciting this year is how many fight things I've been getting to do. I feel like, especially towards the end of this season, every episode I had at least two or three fight sequences, and it's not gonna stop until the end. So Bruce really gets out there. He really kicks some butt. His physical game, and emotional and mental game, really get trained especially in the episodes we're nearing on now, and he becomes really a new person by the end of the season.

Now, we shouldn't expect that "new person" to have a utility belt or any mammal-related vehicles, but it appears that whatever Bruce goes through while inside the Shaman's temple (or whatever) is going to put the vengeance-embracing character through one wringer of a transition before Season 4 comes around. But at least he'll be throwing uppercuts and leg-sweeping people while going through that wringer. After all, one of Gotham's best fight sequences yet was Bruce's street battle with Selina's law-skirting colleagues, which looked a lot cleaner than a lot of Jim's sloppy brawls. So if the show can manage to work more of those in while also upping the ante as Bruce's training continues, then that'll be yet another layer of enjoyment for Gotham to give fans.

Viewers have gotten a taste of where his training is going, and the Shaman seems patient to wait for Bruce to just embrace it and improve without resisting. Because of that, it's unclear just how long Bruce will be hanging around this new and completely cut-off setting, so I asked David Mazouz if we would see Bruce punching bad guys in the face back in Gotham City before the end of the season. His answer was quite intriguing, and thankfully not as puzzling as The Riddler's clues.

All I'll say is that he will get into some real fights. And he will take some criminals down.

There are several ways to read into that, and one of them is that Bruce might not make it all the way back to his hometown this season. He's quite a distance from it right now, and even though the show hasn't referred to it directly, the mountains outside the Shaman's headquarters hints at Ra's al Ghul's stomping grounds of Nanda Parbat, so is it possible that the League of Assassins leader will be one of the criminals Bruce takes down?

In the video below, David Mazouz offers up another hint at how Bruce's current situation will heavily affect his life.

All of Bruce Wayne's friends better watch out, because a wave of destruction is coming to Gotham, which airs Monday nights at the same not-quite-bat-yet-time of 8:00 p.m. ET, on the same not-quite-bat-yet-channel Fox. To see what other new and returning shows will be putting up their dukes in the near future, head to our summer TV schedule.

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