Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched tonight's Gotham.

After bidding fans a temporary farewell earlier this year, Gotham finally returned tonight with "How The Riddler Got His Name," which features some major comic book sourcing in the form of Ed Nygma's transformation into his questioning counterpart. But we're already getting ahead of ourselves. An episode that continued building the mental madness that Season 3 has so far delivered, tonight's installment also dropped some big twists and badass sequences that seem to be leading fans down a particular Bat-avenue. Here were the five biggest moments Gotham's return had to offer.

The Riddler's True Arrival

Okay, so Ed's rise to Riddler-dom happened throughout the episode and could have made up own Top 5 list, but a lot happened tonight. Cory Michael Smith rocked it tonight with a loud and proud performance, taking Ed's psychosis to the next level by setting up another series of riddle-fueled problems for Gotham City's citizens to suffer through, and often while looking as dapper as any Gotham villain has before. (It goes without saying he's sharper than Jim or Bullock.) What makes it even more fun is while Ed is clearly having serious mind problems, his issue is not being able to adapt to his more destructive side in a quicker fashion. Bring on the question marks, bring on the mask, and definitely stick with that hat. It looks good on him.

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