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After last year's complication-filled journey to get to American Horror Story Season 7, this year has been so much more freeing for one's curiosity. Ryan Murphy has been a ringleader when it comes to big announcements, and he took to social media to reveal the upcoming election-tethered season will feature another star that's new to American Horror Story, though not new to Ryan Murphy's cadre of entertainers. Fans will be welcoming Popular standout Leslie Grossman when Season 7 arrives this fall.

We are definitely celebrating the addition of Leslie Grossman to one of TV's weirdest and wildest shows, both because American Horror Story can always use more talented entertainers, and because Grossman isn't seen on TV nearly as often as she should be. Naturally, Ryan Murphy didn't disclose any major details about who Grossman will be playing, but our fingers are crossed that she gets to portray one of the show's more surreal characters. There's something about seeing extremely funny people in bizarrely out of context situations that gets a good emotional response out of me. I doubt she'll play that elephant creature that Murphy teased previously, but that'd be a good one.

With the addition of Leslie Grossman, American Horror Story's cast grows to five, and strangely enough, the veteran cast members are now outnumbered by the new ones. Though the first two cast members set were franchise vets Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, they were quickly followed with the addition of funnyman Billy Eichner, as well as that of Scream Queens' Billie Lourd. All three first-timers are clearly in tune with their comedic muscles, which is an extremely interesting concept for a season of American Horror Story. Especially after Roanoke, which added dramatic powerhouses like Cuba Gooding Jr., André Holland and Adina Porter, to name a few.

mary cherry's big lips on popular

Leslie Grossman and Ryan Murphy first worked together almost 20 years ago on the then-The WB series Popular, and she was a riot as the overly bubbly cheerleader Mary Cherry. Following that stint, she had a main role on What I Like About You, and has spent her time since then making a ton of appearances across the dial, along with a handful of features. In the past few years, she'd most recently popped up on 2 Broke Girls and Modern Family, among others. As far as her Murphy-connected roles go, she appeared in Nip/Tuck several times as Bliss Burger, and she also showed up in the short-lived comedy The New Normal.

While we don't have all the details about what American Horror Story Season 7 is going to center on, we know that things kick off with Election Night festivities that apparently go downhill in horrific ways. And that'll be the starting point for whatever madness and political nightmares that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk cooked up with their creative team. Don't expect to see Evan Peters as Donald Trump, though, because this isn't SNL.

Without a specific release date set, American Horror Story will likely return to FX for frights and smites in September or October. To see everything that has a cemented date set for the coming months, check out our summer TV schedule.

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