Tom Hanks Returned To SNL As David S. Pumpkins And It Was Perfect

Season 42 of Saturday Night Live came to a close last night, and it was one for the ages. The finale saw Dwayne Johnson hosting for his fifth time and getting a sweet jacket, Alec Baldwin serenading as Donald Trump, and Tom Hanks back as David S. Pumpkins! See his perfect and hilarious cameo and continue on below:

Yes I know, it was absolutely fantastic wasn't it? I think the best part about the cameo is how unexpected his appearance was in the skit, even though you knew he was there from the beginning of the show. Of course, Tom Hanks had to bring back the amazing pumpkin suit, and the hat and cape really give off that MC vibe! Of course, it's only appropriate that Hanks replaced his weird finger guns from the original skit with actual guns, as it helps the street cred Pumpkins would need to appear in this rap video. Hanks cameo on Saturday Night Live was just one of the cameos in a season finale that was an all out celebration of the great year SNL has had. Hell, I bet even President Trump had a smile on his face when he saw Hanks return as David S. Pumpkins!

Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but fans of Saturday Night Live definitely appreciated Tom Hanks reprising his silly role, which became iconic after only one sketch. At the time of writing, the "Haunted Elevator" sketch in which David S. Pumpkins appears sits at 7 million views on YouTube. While that number is considerably lower than the views for stuff like Dave Chappelle's monologue, Alec Baldwin's fantastic Donald Trump skits, or a bulk of Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impersonations, it really points to how strong a season this was for the show. Can we expect to see more of David S. Pumpkins next year? It will be interesting to see if SNL will continue their momentum and heightened ratings into Season 43 with a Weekend Update spinoff on the way and losing Bobby Moynihan.

As amazing as the return of Tom Hanks and David S. Pumpkins was, it was disappointing watching and knowing it was going to be the last dose of Saturday Night Live we're going to see for awhile. What is Alec Baldwin going to do with all his free time on Saturday nights now? If you're sitting here asking yourself the same question, we've got you covered. All new and returning television that you want to watch can be found on our summer premiere guide. If you're just concerned whether the shows you just finished will be returning next season, we also have a renewal guide that gives you all the shows this season and their status regarding next year.

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