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A Third Saturday Night Live Star Has Quit The Show

sasheer zamata

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live brought Season 42 to a Rock-filled close, celebrating one of the most successful and widely lauded years the sketch comedy mainstay has ever experienced. But while Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump will almost definitely return for more headline-aping cold opens, SNL's central cast will look quite different, and Sasheer Zamata has become the third player who won't be returning to the 30 Rock studio when Season 43 comes around.

It's been quite the week for Saturday Night Live, which went into the weekend with fans knowing that longtime star Bobby Moynihan would be leaving. Then it came out that Vanessa Bayer would be second out the door, and then Sasheer Zamata's name was added to the comedic exodus after the episode aired. But while there were somewhat clear reasons why the former two cast members are leaving, it isn't immediately obvious why Zamata is stepping down from the post-primetime limelight. Given how things usually go, though, one would assume the actress has some career plans guiding the decision-making process.

Sasheer Zamata's SNL exit, as reported by Entertainment Tonight, comes just four seasons after she first joined the cast back in 2014, and just two years after she officially became a repertory player. Certainly the show has seen its share of talented performers ducking out in the prime of their stints, but there is usually a sign or two that offers some causation. We're going to assume that Rihanna didn't get in contact with her to stop doing that beyond excellent impression, though.

Sasheer Zamata hopped onto the Saturday Night Live as the first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph. As such, she was quite sufficient when it came to impressions of now-former First Ladies and mega-stars in the world of pop and R&B, such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. And no one in the cast could pull off a better Diana Ross; especially not Moynihan.

We know we'll be seeing Bobby Moynihan showing up on CBS this fall as part of the new comedy series Me, Myself & I, so that's something, and Vanessa Bayer has a movie coming out at some point. Currently, Sasheer Zamata fans will have to look out for the romantic comedy feature The Outdoorsman in order to see the actress again outside of SNL.

Hopefully everyone that's still a part of the Saturday Night Live cast will still be around when Season 43 starts coming together. In the meantime, check out our summer TV schedule to see when all the new and returning shows will hit primetime before SNL's gets back to NBC.

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