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It's tough to predict what's going to be successful in the current TV landscape. The emergence of streaming services has changed the game in how we measure the success of a show, and while the ratings may not mean as much as they used to, Better Call Saul is just killing it right now. Currently in its third season, the spin-off show is experiencing huge numbers. According to recent numbers, the show almost doubled its total viewership last week, making it one of the highest contenders in recent weeks.

TV By The Numbers has the data, and they report that Better Call Saul has been experiencing big boosts in ratings over the past few weeks. During the week of May 8, the show had the biggest gains in the Live +3 ratings and nearly doubled its audience from 1.76 million to 3.7 million. The Breaking Bad spin-off has also seen an increase in the coveted adult demographic of 18-49, going from 0.6 to 1.4. And this isn't just a one-time occurrence either. Better Call Saul has been on the rise for the last few weeks. On the week of April 25, for instance, the show once again had the biggest gains amongst its competition, more than doubling its audience (1.53 million to 3.47 million) and its 18-49 rating (0.5 to 1.4).

But why? How is Better Call Saul pulling this off? Other than it just being a really good show, it seems that the recent inclusion of more Breaking Bad characters may have helped its ratings. And it's clear that most people are watching it later through their DVR, which is where these big numbers are coming from. Better Call Saul premiered on April 10 to a rating of 0.7. After a week of DVR and on-demand playback, that number jumped to a 1.7, making it the only show to jump a full point that week. The DVR numbers have since remained consistent as most people seem to be digesting the show at their leisure.

Better Call Saul has currently aired seven episodes of Season 3, but will be going on a one-week hiatus for the Memorial Day weekend. That doesn't mean AMC is just going to stop those good numbers stop dead. The network has announced that it will be running a Better Call Saul marathon on Memorial Day, wherein it will air every episode of Season 3. This will give the network an opportunity to allow people to catch up (allowing for even more viewers when the show returns), and to get more people hooked on the show after they force their families to watch some Peak TV. It's a win-win!

Better Call Saul returns with a new episode on June 5, 2017, on AMC. To learn about more shows to watch this summer, check out our summer TV schedule!

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