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Warning: this post may contain spoilers for Season 7 and beyond of Game Of Thrones.

As the masses continue to analyze every little footage they can get their hands on for Game Of Thrones, something potentially big may have been revealed in the Season 7 trailer, though it wasn't very noticeable to those who haven't read the books. One current conspiracy theory is that a small promo moment may directly point to the death of one major character, Cersei Lannister. and it actually makes sense.

The trailer contains a brief moment in which Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister are seen standing atop a map of Westeros. From from an overhead view, it shows Cersei standing on the part of the map known as "The Neck," while Jaime is positioned right near "The Fingers." Game Of Thrones fans will remember that old fortune teller from Season 5 who told a younger Cersei's prophecy, but it might not be so widely known that it was an abridged version of her novel foretelling, which also mentioned that in addition to gaining the crown and losing her children, Cersei would be strangled to death by the hands of the "valonqar." If you aren't fluent in High Valyrian, "valonqar" translates to "little brother." Now take a look at the image in question and continue on below:

Jaime Lannister Cersei Lannister Game Of Thrones HBO

While the literal translation led Cersei and some to believe it was the vengeful Tyrion who was out to get her, Jaime is technically the younger of the two twins. It's also no secret Jaime has grown less fond of Cersei as the Game Of Thrones story has progressed, but would he really go so far as to kill his sister and former lover? Jaime has had some redeeming qualities in the past couple seasons of the series, but let's not forget he's also the same guy who pushed Bran Stark out of a window and crippled him. If he can do that and sleep at night, I think he can also put down his tyrant of a sister if need be.

Obviously, this aces theory from Vanity Fair isn't confirmed, since the TV show didn't necessarily bring the brotherly part of the prophecy in. But wouldn't it be so poetic that the two people who started this whole mess end up turning on each other at the most vital moment? Then again, this is Game Of ThronesI, where even the audience's happy endings rarely seem to happen, so who knows if this is just wishful thinking on all of our parts? I could easily see the Great War coming and going, with Cersei left standing on the bones of dragons, Jon Snow in a mangled heap beneath them all. Sometimes I wonder why we are so hyped for all of those announced spin-offs if all they'll bring is quadruple the heartache.

In the meantime, dry your eyes and, if it's your stance, hope that Cersei does indeed die at some point following Game Of Thrones' big Season 7 premiere on Sunday, July 16th, at 9 p.m. ET. If you have trouble with dates or perhaps finding when your favorite shows return be sure to bookmark our guide so you never miss a show again. It would also be to your advantage to check out our finale guide so you know how long some of your favorite shows have left before the offseason.

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