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One of the biggest TV stars of the last 30 years, comedian Tim Allen was shocked along with millions of others when ABC made the shocking decision to pull the plug on Last Man Standing last month. Now, it looks like the sitcom may stand once again, but rather than returning to a broadcast network, it's actually CMT that is looking to revive the still-fresh Last Man Standing for Season 7.

No one should be going out and throwing any big TV renewal parties -- other people have those, right? -- because CMT is in the very early stages of potentially ordering up Last Man Standing for another season. And a renewal admittedly isn't the most likely way for all this to go, because Last Man Standing is not a cheap sitcom to produce, with Tim Allen's paycheck likely more than CMT's comfortable budget zone. Indeed, network execs are reportedly doing just the sort of financial research needed to decide if it's a feasible idea or not.

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We'll temporarily assume that CMT can figure out a way to support Last Man Standing's rebirth, since assuming otherwise is less climactic, and according to THR, the new season could be anywhere from a limited series to a double-season order. I suppose it comes down to how much money is in the emergency piggy bank. Considering ABC cancelled it because of budget reasons, reportedly, it'll be interesting to hear where CMT lands.

Last Man Standing was a Friday night anchor for ABC in recent years, and while Tim Allen wasn't drawing the kinds of audiences that he was back in Home Improvement's heyday, it was still one of network TV's more consistent comedies. (Plus, live sports are basically the only thing left on TV that can still hit '90-era ratings.) So it was a questionable move for ABC to have canceled it (and others) outright like that, and fans were quite vocal in their displeasure. The lack of news over the weeks might have caused some to lose faith in Last Man Standing's future, but perhaps CMT can change all that.

After all, it wouldn't be the first time the country music-geared channel swooped in and saved one of ABC's newly-axed series. Last year, after ABC cancelled Nashville in the aftermath of a bonkers season finale cliffhanger, CMT signed on for a batch of new episodes, getting fans to a point where Connie Britton could get axed herself. The new season took some cuts on the way from ABC to CMT, but it hasn't seen a real dip in quality or anything, and apparently the channel's bigwigs are impressed enough with the attention that they're opening the door for another big acquisition.

Again, these are the early days, but here's hoping CMT is able to come up with a quick decision about Last Man Standing that makes sense for all parties involved...and also doesn't tick off more TV viewers. While waiting to hear more, check out our summer premiere guide to see all the latest shows hitting the small screen soon.

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