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Megyn Kelly made headlines when she made the jump from Fox News to NBC to host Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, but she didn't have the smoothest landing. Her very first interview with Vladimir Putin was unsurprisingly controversial, given the current state of affairs in the U.S. Her second interview was with infamous Infowars host Alex Jones, and it's set to air this week. Surprisingly, however, Jones himself has just leaked audio from their conversation ahead of the broadcast on Sunday. The plot has officially thickened.

In the leaked audio, Megyn Kelly is heard assuring Alex Jones that she doesn't double cross and that their interview won't be "some gotcha hit piece." The audio comes from Jones himself, who secretly recorded their conversation and took it upon himself to share what they discussed just before the interview started. He posted the audio on his YouTube channel because he believes that he'll be misrepresented in the NBC video and wants the audio to be available to the public without any edits from Kelly or NBC.

Alex Jones clearly isn't messing around when it comes to his interview with Megyn Kelly. He claims that he's planning on releasing all of the audio from their conversations online. Listeners who check out Infowars will be able to see Jones' side of the story before the official interview debuts on Sunday. Check out his blunt explanation of the audio leak below:

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A big question now is if the leaked audio will impact NBC and Megyn Kelly's decision to air the interview despite outcries from people who have been offended and hurt by what Alex Jones has been known to say on his Infowars broadcasts. He is perhaps most infamous for his callous claims about the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, and many people were understandably upset that NBC was going to showcase him on Megyn Kelly's new show. The interview with Alex Jones actually motivated J.P. Morgan Chase to request that its advertising be pulled from airing during Sunday Night. It's not quite as drastic as when droves of advertisers jumped ship from Bill O'Reilly's show, but it's not great for a show that has only just kicked off.

We also have to wonder what exactly is motivating everybody involved in this latest controversy. The leak will undoubtedly mean big numbers for Infowars, so the odds are good that Alex Jones is milking the interview for all it's worth in conspiracy fodder. Who knows? Maybe it's at least a little bit of a gimmick on NBC and Megyn Kelly's side as well. Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones are controversial enough figures to get people talking (and possibly tuning in) everywhere.

Check out Infowars later tonight if you want to get the rest of the audio from Alex Jones rather than wait until Sunday for the official version on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. Obviously Alex Jones is better known for his conspiracy theories and hard-line stances on very controversial topics, so he very well might put as much of a spin on the content as he claims NBC and Megyn Kelly did for their version of the interview. You can catch Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly on Sundays at 7 p.m. ET on NBC. Take a look at our summer TV premiere schedule to see what else you can watch.

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