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Sean Bean has made a name for himself in showbiz as a movie legend and TV star. Now, he's coming to streaming video in a brand new way. Best known on the small screen for his performance as Ned Stark in the bloody first season of Game of Thrones, Bean has landed a role in what sounds like a pretty exciting series on the streaming service Crackle. He'll play a character in 50 Cent's new project, The Oath.

The Oath will be an action-packed drama that explores the subculture of gangs comprised of members who have vowed to defend and protect the gang at all costs. The action will reveal corruption among the gangs and expose certain secret societies that very few are ever invited to join. Those who do make it into such exclusive societies have to be on the constant watch for adversaries among their fellows and outside of their ranks. Sean Bean will play Tom Hammond, whose backstory should make him a formidable member of the gang scene.

As Tom Hammond, Sean Bean will play a ruthless cop who became the leader of a gang comprised of people who intend to enforce laws in what are probably some pretty unlawful ways. Hammond makes a deal with an undercover FBI agent and winds up in prison, but he won't stay behind bars forever. Once he is freed, he starts to fight his way back into gang culture, working his way up the ladder in an attempt to regain control of his former group. Hammond's ambitions will pit him against his former allies.

Sean Bean will make his debut as Tom Hammond when The Oath premieres in 2018, according to THR. The series will run for 10 episodes. Hopefully this show will go a bit differently than Game of Thrones for Bean and Hammond won't quite literally lose his head. Given Bean's habit of playing characters who bite the dust in some truly gory and spectacular ways, I'm not sure if it will be more or less surprising if Tom Hammond survives to the end of the finale. Part of me hopes that a huge chunk of the cast of characters will die with Hammond left standing, just because the image of a Sean Bean character alive and well while surrounded by corpses is kind of morbidly hilarious.

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Interestingly, 50 Cent won't be the only executive producer on board The Oath. Former Los Angeles cop Joe Halpin will serve as executive producer and showrunner on the series. Halpin spent 12 of his 17 years on the force as an undercover cop, so he should be able to lend a certain degree of authenticity to the gang culture to be explored in the new show. Jeff T. Thomas of Blindspot will direct the series premiere.

We have a while to wait before The Oath comes to Crackle, so check out our 2017 Netflix premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule for what you can watch in the meantime.