Who Did Melissandre Kill With A Shadow Beast?

Renly Baratheon lost his shot at the crown after a shadow beast jumped out of Melissandre's hoo-hah and stabbed him.

Who Died After Disrespecting Khal Drogo And The Dothraki?

Viserys Targaryen insulted the Dothraki, and with his behavior successfully lost his chance at an army and gained a molten gold crown different from the one he was expecting.

Who Was The First Victim Of Daenerys' Dragons?

Pyat Pree was the first human victim of Dany's dragons. The warlock was slain in the House of the Undying.

Who Was Slain In Bed By Tyrion?

Shae was strangled to death by Tyrion learned she'd been sleeping with his father.

Who Did Jaime Lannister Headbutt And Beat To Death While Imprisoned?

Alton Lannister, a cousin to Jaime, was headbutted and bludgeoned to death by the Lannister after offering his help in aiding Jaime's escape. It's unknown whether he was ok with Jaime's idea.

What Was The Name Of The Night's Watch Member Executed By Ned Stark?

Ned Stark executed the deserter Will in the first episode in front of his boys. It was there where we first saw Ned's sense of duty over pity.

Which Of The Black Brothers Was Killed By Ghost?

Rast attempted to flee after Craster sprung an ambush on the Night's Watch. Ghost, who had been denied food and water by the watchmen, exacted his revenge.

Who Died Of Natural Causes?

Maester Aemon is, to this point, the only major character we've seen die of natural causes in Game Of Thrones.

Who Was Killed An A Brothel By Arya Stark?

Meryn Trant got his just desserts after one of the young girls he beat at a brothel turned out to be none other than Arya Stark.

Who Was Left In A Vault For Betraying Daenerys For Xaro Xhoan Daxos?

Doreah, the former servant of Daenerys, was locked within a vault when Dany found her in bed with Xaro Xhoan Daxos and learned she was a conspirator in his plan.

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