Why T.J. Miller Doesn't Think His Character Belongs On Silicon Valley

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Last night, fans of Silicon Valley witnessed the supposed final episode of Erlich Bachman. Of course, the news was known for awhile, as T.J. Miller's departure from Silicon Valley has been talked about for going on a month now. We've heard Miller's reasoning for why he's out for Season 5 of the HBO comedy, and now he's speaking out about why he thinks his character doesn't belong on Silicon Valley. Check out his quote and continue reading below:

Yeah, nobody likes him. He doesn't have any friends. His only friend is Jian Yang, and Jian Yang fucking hates him. I mean, he calls him a "fat loser." You don't say that to a friend. Erlich is just the person nobody wants. ... There's no reason for him to be there. He's conned his way into the whole situation. And so I thought it would be really interesting if suddenly they were able to rid themselves of him. If they had truly had enough of him, which is what they're always saying, then why wouldn't he just exit?

The Season 4 finale of Silicon Valley showed Erlich Bachman traveling to China to meet with ousted Hooli executive Gavin Belson and then attempt to travel back to America with him. Belson learns he can get back in good with his former company and returns with the news to Erlich, who in the three minutes he's been gone, has smoked himself into a stupor with opium. Belson then pays the owner of the den enough money to keep Bachman in the place for around five years, and abandons him in China.

T.J. Miller, who thought his character's exit was hilarious, says that there was nothing that could've been done to make Erlich Bachman better belong with the team. If you make Bachman a viable and useful part of Pied Piper, then his role is no longer funny. The fact that he is a fraud who cons his way into big situations is the heart of his character, and had they kept up with him on Silicon Valley, that element likely would've never changed. While fans are likely still disappointed Miller is out, this ending allowed for a somewhat satisfying goodbye before the schtick of Bachman always hitting it big and screwing it up got stale.

The five years storyline also ultimately gives both sides what they want. As THR reported, the Silicon Valley team did not want to lose T.J. Miller and initially approached him wanting to have him appear in Season 5 with a reduced schedule. When Miller said he actually just wanted out of the series entirely, both sides decided to part ways, as showrunner Mike Judge felt it had become clear Miller didn't want to do the show anymore. Erlich Bachman's five-year opium stint allows T.J. Miller to exit the show, but leaves the door open should the two parties decide to work together again. Can Silicon Valley survive that long without one of it's biggest breakout stars?

We'll have to wait and see as Silicon Valley has about a year until it returns. Luckily HBO subscribers only have a few more weeks of waiting until Game Of Thrones is back. Those not so interested in that would do well to visit our summer premiere guide for any new or returning shows worth watching.

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