Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

NBC's long running sketch series Saturday Night Live is a unique show. While Lorne Michaels and company no doubt aim to be inclusive of all potential audience members, the show has always done well when things get political. Election years in particular provide plenty of fodder for SNL sketches, as the country gets to laugh in an otherwise very serious and precarious time in the country. Usually this dies out a bit after election day, but not last season. The series has only continued to poke fun at President Trump and his administration, mostly due to one fantastic impression by Alec Baldwin. So can we expect to see him reprise the role next season? Most likely, yes.

Alec Baldwin recently sat down with members of the press in order to promote his upcoming film Blind, where the subject of his acclaimed Trump impression was brought up. When asked if he'd be returning to Saturday Night Live in the fall, he said pretty definitively:

Yea, we're going to fit that in. I think people have enjoyed it.

Rejoice, SNL fans! Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression is coming back, and it's gonna be 'uge. Believe me.

But it's not all good news. While we can expect for Alec Baldwin to show up next season on SNL, his appearances will likely be few and far between. In the same interview with CNN, Baldwin revealed that he's got a variety of projects that he's working on this fall, so his schedule will restrict his appearances a bit. Luckily he lives in New York, so if he's around when something big and breaking happens regarding the Trump administration, he'll probably show up if he can.

One other aspect may encourage Alec Baldwin to continue making appearances as President Trump: possible awards and noms. With the Emmy nominations looming above the world of TV production, there are plenty of shows and actors that are hoping for good news once the nominations are revealed in September. That being said, Baldwin's gaggle of appearances last season may earn him a Guest Actor nomination, especially in such a political year. Awards shows are generally a time when entertainment professionals get to have a moment on their soap box, so Baldwin's impression of the President will be voted on by its choice demographic.

But given Alec Baldwin's busy schedule, there will presumably be some times next season where another Saturday Night Live actor will have to step in to play Donald Trump. And while those are pretty big shoes to fill, we've seen plenty of other actors and comedians don the iconic wig in the last year or so. And when in doubt, give Emmy Award winner Kate McKinnon another sketch as Kellyanne Conway. Because I can't get enough.

Saturday Night Live will return for Season 43 in the fall. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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