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Game Of Thrones has a great deal of magic and supernatural elements within its story, but it's done a good job of avoiding comparisons to Harry Potter. Lots of sex and violence have helped that a great deal, but it appears one plot this season makes a concerted effort to be as anti-Harry Potter as possible. Here's what co-executive producer and writer Bryan Cogman has to say regarding Sam's journey to The Citadel:

Yes, we still found room this season to introduce new worlds like The Citadel. Jim Broadbent [who plays a maester at the Citadel] is a wonderful addition to the cast, Sam is one of the few characters who gets his own mini-spinoff. This is the anti-Harry Potter. Sam shows up to this amazing place where he thinks he's going to get all the answers and all his talents are going to be put to good use. But this ain't Hogwarts and the maester is not Dumbledore.

That's a bit disappointing to read, as Samwell Tarly is a Game Of Thrones character that seems like he could just slide into the world of Harry Potter without much trouble. Sam has had a rough life between his awful upbringing and being sent to the Wall, so it would've been somewhat nice for the character to get some reprieve from the harsh world of Westeros, but that doesn't sound like it's going to happen. The good news is that the quote from EW confirms the news that Sam is going to get some more face time in Season 7, which is always a good thing.

The Harry Potter comparison, while not apt in comparing Hogwarts to the Citadel, perhaps rather draws upon the fact that Jim Broadbent is known for his portrayal of Professor Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. Not much is known regarding his character Maester Marwyn beyond him being the archmaester of the Citadel, but Broadbent confirmed he plays a part in around five episodes with a major scene in each. Suffice to say that's a considerable presence in the scope of the seven episode season, and it sounds like Sam Tarly will be along for those parts as well.

The Maester Marwyn of A Song Of Ice And Fire series is odd, to say the least. Without getting into spoilers, he seems to be a man who knows the ins and outs of Westeros regardless of however weird things have gotten throughout the course of Game Of Thrones, and potentially a powerful ally to whomever he may lend aid to. That's all provided he has an invested interest in who rules Westeros as the maesters as an organization seem to be rather uninvolved in the politics of the Seven Kingdoms.

The world should get its first look at Sam's encounters with Marwyn when Game Of Thrones returns Sunday, July 16th at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Those who haven't made a selection for their winner of the great war should check out our arguments for Jon, Dany, and Cersei and make a decision on who takes it all before this Sunday. For more information regarding other great shows coming this summer, visit our summer premiere guide.

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