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Masi Oka Just Landed His First Post-Hawaii Five-0 TV Show

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Masi Oka is back on TV following his exit from Hawaii Five-0, and the actor just signed on to join one of Amazon's most highly acclaimed original series. Fans of Oka will be able to see him next on the dramedy Mozart In The Jungle, as he comes to Season 4 of the musical series in a guest-starring role. Here's all we know about Oka and his character, Fukumoto Akihiro.

Masi Oka's Fukumoto Akihiro -- who can get tired of writing that? -- is a millionaire CEO of a Japanese tech company, and has a strong appreciation for music, according to TVLine. Akihiro's love of music and deep pockets will make him a potential donor to the Symphony. Oka joins Mozart In The Jungle a year after the series scored two awards at the Golden Globes, and it was recently nominated for two more in 2017. Season 4 of Mozart In The Jungle is expected to premiere December 8 on Amazon.

For those not up on the latest and greatest in Amazon streaming, Mozart In The Jungle tells the tale of people living and breathing the world of classical music in modern day New York, with Gael García Bernal conducting it all as the inspirational Rodrigo. The stories are based in the lives of actual individuals, and the series itself is based on the book Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music by Blair Tindall. While other characters in the show are based on real people, it is unknown if Masi Oka's Fukumoto Akihiro represents someone in particular.

For Masi Oka, the setting of New York will be familiar territory, as the actor gained traction in his American career via his breakout role as Hiro Nakamura on Heroes. Since that show's cancellation (and its limited revival), he's been seen on American televisions primarily through Hawaii Five-0, which he exited relatively recently. (Though on his own terms.). That said, Oka has made a couple scattered appearances on other projects beyond that, and Mozart In The Jungle isn't even the only streaming programming audiences can expect to see Oka involved in this year, either, as he is both a star and producer for Netflix's American adaptation of Death Note.

Mozart In The Jungle seems like a good fit for Masi Oka, who was likely looking for projects where he could shoot while spending less time on planes from Japan out to whatever location he was shooting at. Oka joins Mozart In The Jungle alongside future Zorro actor Gael García Bernal whose work as Rodrigo De Souza netted the series one of the two Golden Globes it secured in 2016. Bernal was up for the award again in 2017, and perhaps if Oka puts on a good performance, he can find himself with a guest-star nomination of his own in 2018.

Mozart In The Jungle will return for Season 4 on Friday, December 8th, on Amazon. That's still a ways away, so for those still in the summer looking to enjoy some great summer programming, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide.

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