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There are no shows that are quite as expansive and far reaching as HBO's fantasy series Game of Thrones. Using George R.R. Martin's beloved novels as a guide, Game has followed a variety of interesting characters across various locations in Westeros and beyond. But because so many of the stories have been capsulated, fans have been waiting years for some of their favorites to finally reunite and interact. But with just two short seasons left before the show's conclusion, we should expect some of these characters to finally interact soon. Here are the seven Game of Thrones reunions that need to happen ASAP.

Tyrion and Cersei on the small council

The Lannister Siblings

In the early seasons of Game of Thrones, one of the most fascinating interpersonal relationships was the dynamic between the three Lannister siblings. Cersei has loathed Tyrion since the day he was born, killing her mother in child birth. And when Joffrey was killed at the Purple Wedding, she took the opportunity to try and end him once and for all. Conversely, Jaime and Tyrion have always been good to each other, so I'd love to see how the three of them interact now that Cersei is on the Iron Throne and Tyrion is Dany's Hand. I assume it won't be pretty.

Arya and Gendry

Arya and Gendry

Gendry is one of the Game of Thrones mysteries that has loomed over the series since his last appearance. He was last seen escaping Dragonstone back in Season 3, after Davos save him from Melisandre's black magic. He's been missing for quite some time now, although he's apparently set to finally return in Season 7. And with Arya back in Westeros and taking care of business, this might be the perfect time for the duo to reconnect. Now that she's a woman, their romantic connection could blossom, and possibly help Arya begin to trust people again.

Dany exiling Jorah

Daenerys and Jorah Mormont

The majority of Dany's time on Game of Thrones has been accompanied by Jorah Mormont. He was her most trusted adviser as she slowly ascended to power and accrued forces, although he was originally a spy for Varys at the behest of Robert Baratheon. When this came to light many years later, she exiled him from Meereen, leading him to scoop up Tyrion and catch a nasty case of greyscale. She's since sent him away to find a cure, although footage from Season 7's trailer seem to hint that it's not going well. Hopefully the two will reunite before his eventual passing, and she'll be able to forgive him.

Arya sending Nymeria away

Arya and Nymeria

While we've seen plenty of characters die throughout Game of Thrones' long tenure on HBO, few deaths affect the audience as much as when one of the Stark's Direwolves bite the dust. We've seen almost every Direwolf besides Jon's Ghost die, but there is one more wolf out there. Because when Arya and Joffrey got into a scuffle back in Season 1, she sent Nymeria away so that she wouldn't be killed by Robert Baratheon. In the novels, Arya often dreams of Nymeria leading a pack in the Riverlands, and I'd be truly surprised if she doesn't show up sometime in the next few seasons.

Cersei and Olenna planning Joffrey's wedding

Cersei and Olenna Tyrell

Cersei has a had a delightfully strained relationship with Margaery's grandmother throughout the past few seasons of Game of Thrones. And after Cersei royally screwed up by empowering the High Sparrow and his Faith Militant, Olenna told the Queen that she was just about the worst person she'd ever met. And things went from bad to worse when Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor, essentially wiping out House Tyrell in the process. Olenna is now out for blood, and has put House Tyrell behind Dany's rebellion. I'd love to see these two women meet one more time, hopefully so Olenna can gloat victory.

The Cleganes battling in Season 1

The Hound and The Mountain

One theory that fans have long debated and waited for is the Clegane Bowl. Fans of George R.R. Martin's novels have waited decades to see Sandor and Gregor Clegane duke it out, after their brief battle in Season 1. The brothers have always hated each other, with The Mountain tormenting The Hound at a young age, resulting in his horrifying burns and fear of fire. And while The Mountain has since become a zombified bodyguard for Cersei, many fans are hoping that the brothers will eventually reunite, and battle for the last time.

The Starks in Season 1

The Remaining Starks

Perhaps no aspect of Game of Thrones is as frustrating as seeing the various Stark siblings spread out across Westeros, and usually suffering. And while Sansa and Jon reunited in Season 6 and are together in Winterfell, both Bran and Arya have yet to interact with anyone from their family in many years. What's worse, Bran was just a few feet away from Jon at Crastor's Keep, but it was too dangerous to call to the bastard. Trailers seem to hint that this season will bring Bran and Arya home to Winterfell, and let's hope that Game of Thrones makes the reunion happen happen, and gives the fandom what they've been waiting 6 seasons for.

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