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Galaga Might Get A TV Show, And Yes, We Mean That Galaga

Galaga Bandai Namco

Galaga might get a TV show, and yes, we mean that Galaga. The classic space shooter created in 1981 is getting developed for television in the form of an animated series. Here's what's being said so far about the revival of this blast from the past, and what we can expect from the announced series Galaga Chronicles.

Variety reports Galaga Chronicles is being developed by The Nuttery Entertainment, who reached an agreement with the original creators, Bandai Namco. The firm will be responsible for developing a story and characters for the Galaga series for the first time in its over 30 year history. No official word yet on where the animated series is set to land if it's completed and greenlit, but it's being reported the series and other Galaga related projects the company is working on will be cut across various platforms. The project is still very early on in development, so no release date has been given as of yet.

As far as how faithful Galaga Chronicles will be to the Galaga series, it seems up to par with what fans might expect. An executive officer at Bandai Namco, Hirotaka Watanabe, states that while the jump to animation will be unique and character driven, the potential series will pay homage to the rich history of the franchise including the game that preceded Galaga, Galaxian. So while there will be a lot about Galaga Chronicles that is new territory, it sounds like Bandai Namco is comfortable with the liberties The Nuttery Entertainment is taking in its development of the franchise.

Of course, it's not all that difficult to remain faithful to the core of a game that has no story beyond a person in a ship who shoots at kamikaze space bugs. In fact, the only real history behind Galaga is that its first game was a twisted take on the formula of Space Invaders (which at one point was getting a movie). While this will be the first time the series has gotten an animated spin, the game was featured as an aggressor in the movie Pixels, as well as a few other films, including that gut busting scene in The Avengers:

For its own sake, let's hope Galaga Chronicles is fun as well as faithful to its '80s roots, because fans don't like their nostalgia being toyed with. Speaking of which, fans of the '80s might be interested in learning Stranger Things Season 2 is arriving sooner than expected, or that the new IT movie is just as terrifying as it was back in the day. For more information regarding the best shows of the summer and where and when to watch them, our summer premiere guide is the ultimate resource.

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