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Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 7, "Stormborn."

Game of Thrones has already spent six years building to meetings and confrontations between certain characters. Few shows manage to last so long without bringing their protagonists together, but Game of Thrones has pulled it off... until now. The trailer for next week's episode has revealed that two characters who have never so much as been on the same continent will finally meet. Take a look!

The song of ice and fire is truly about to begin. The trailer for next week's "The Queen's Justice" doesn't give a whole lot away about what's going to happen, but we clearly see Jon Snow in Dragonstone to meet Daenerys. He departed Winterfell in "Stormborn" after Dany invited him to Dragonstone to work out an alliance. Tyrion vouched for Jon due to their interactions way back in Season 1, and he at least seems confident that Jon is a capable King of the North. Dany clearly still considers the North to be part of her Seven Kingdoms, as she specifically stated that she wants Jon's allegiance as well as his alliance.

As for Jon Snow, he's not visiting Dragonstone for the purpose of bending the knee or joining Dany's campaign to take the Seven Kingdoms. Thanks to a letter from Sam, he learned that there's a huge cache of dragonglass at Dragonstone, just waiting to be mined and turned into weapons that can be used against the White Walkers and their army of dead. The prospect of dragon fire against the White Walkers has its attractions as well. Jon wants Dany's help in preparing for and ultimately fighting the Great War; he's not especially concerned about what's happening down in the south with the other six of the Seven Kingdoms.

Of these two leaders (and almost certainly blood relatives), Jon is probably more likely to compromise than Dany. As the only person who actually knows and understands what will happen if the Wall falls, he's already shown willingness to bend if it means finding the way to survive winter. He also never really wanted to be King in the North; the title doesn't mean a terrible amount to him. If one of them needs to bend, it will likely be Jon. That said, he is a Northerner above all else, and Northerners have a certain about of pride and honor that might not let him bow down to Dany.

Dany isn't an unreasonable leader, but she also feels entitled to everything the Targaryen dynasty had in its heyday, and that includes the North as part of the Seven Kingdoms. She's not looking to rule the Six Kingdoms that just so happen to neighbor the North. Throw in the fact that her dragons make her the only viable threat to the North, and she might not feel compelled to even consider compromise.

If Melisandre can convince her that she and Jon are the two people with parts to play in ending the upcoming conflict, then maybe an alliance can be reached. Considering what just happened to the Ironborn and their Dornish passengers in "Dragonstone," Dany may need whatever friends she can get, even if she doesn't realize it just yet. Both Dany and Jon may really need Tyrion's ability to strategize and prioritize if their meeting is going to be productive.

Tune in to HBO on Sunday, July 30 at 9 p.m. ET to see Jon and Dany finally meet on Game of Thrones.

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