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The Wall is almost definitely going to fall on Game of Thrones before all is said and done, and while many have been wondering exactly how the Night's King will make this happen in Season 7, the show itself might have already provided our answer. Check out this still frame from the opening theme of Season 7, which might just clue everyone in on how The Wall is going to be taken, and it's a way not many were expecting.

Wall Season 7 Game Of Thrones

The change in the opening, which was spotted in particular by Redditor RohitMSasi, shows that the waters to the right of The Wall looks to be frozen, when past seasons' opening titles have shown them to be dark blue. If this is indeed the case (and we're not actually looking at a cloud or some even weirder change-up), what's stopping the White Walkers from simply white-walking across the frozen ice to reach the south side of The Wall without ever having to come in contact with the structure itself? It seems like a thrifty and close-reaching way for the wall to fall, considering how many times Game Of Thrones has hinted at its destruction, but it is a way nonetheless.

There's already evidence for this theory being true, too, as Game Of Thrones fans will remember The Hound's vision in the Season 7 premiere, when he described thousands of white walkers marching from a mountain where "The wall meets the sea." This area was also already revealed to be an easy way to exploit the giant wall's defenses, as Stannis utilized the unfrozen water to bypass the wall via boat, aiding The Night's Watch against the wildlings. Was the plan of the ever-silent Night's King always to wait for Winter to arrive so that the ice could form across the water, or did he perhaps only get inspired after the White Walkers themselves were blindsided by Stannis and his army? Below, you'll see the shot from the opening during times of warmer temperatures.

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So does by passing The Wall mean that it won't physically crumble? Not at all, but it does maybe mean that White Walkers weren't necessarily the reason for the location's downfall. Maybe one of Dany's dragons crashes into it, smashing a big hole right through, or maybe The Wall is destroyed somehow in an effort to aide against the White Walkers? Again, it could be nothing more than the Night's King bamboozling the Night's Watch with the ice-bound arrival that amounts to the "fall" we've been teased with for so long, although Game Of Thrones has foreshadowed this event hardcore enough that it seems like a poor payoff for it to lose nary a single brick.

With this season already progressing at a breakneck pace, fans of Game Of Thrones could get their answer to this burning question as soon as Sunday, July 30th at 9 p.m. ET, on HBO. For more on last night's episode, click here to relive Theon's shocking moment or jump ahead to next week's preview to see that big moment we've all been waiting to see all year! For more information regarding other great shows this summer that are as unmissable as GoT, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide for the where and when!

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