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Elementary Season 6 Is Bringing In A Former Dexter Star

When Elementary wrapped up its story for Season 5, the beloved CBS mystery drama threw fans for a huge loop concerning the physical and mental health of Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock. When Season 6 comes around, Elementary will be introducing a new avenue of assistance for Sherlock to put his faith in, and taking on the role will be Dexter vet Desmond Harrington. No Ice Cream Truck Killer for Joan and Holmes, though.

When Season 6 rolls around, audiences will see Desmond Harrington enter the Elementary-verse as Michael, a former addict who was inspired to turn his life around by, you guessed it, Sherlock. When he comes back into the detective's life, Michael will do whatever he can to try and return to Sherlock the same kind of guidance and support that helped save Michael from falling victim to his dangerous habits. It's not directly stated if Harrington is signing on for a full-season run or if he'll only stick around in the short-term, but TVLine states he'll be an "ongoing line of support," so that might be telling.

The situation isn't exactly reversed for Michael and Sherlock (given the results of the MRI taken at the end of Season 5 is ratcheting things up a notch for the co-lead), Holmes has indeed enjoyed his time with opiates. So on that end, Michael should be a good friend to have, especially if Sherlock and Joan are still at odds. We can't wait to see where things stand between the central two when Season 6 kicks off.

Hearing news about Elementary casting for Season 6 is music to fans' ears, since this most recent renewal was not the surest thing in the world, considering it isn't one of CBS' elite dramas. Hopefully adding Desmond Harrington to the narrative will draw in enough new and returning viewers to keep the network's spirits high for potential renewals in the future.

For six seasons, Desmond Harrington played Detective Joey Quinn on Dexter, often serving as the most antagonistic force on the "good guys," always suspecting Dexter of doing exactly what Dexter was guilty of doing. Though that was his biggest role, Harrington has been on quite a few shows over the years, including Sons & Daughters, Rescue Me, Gossip Girl, and The Astronaut's Wives Club. Already in 2017, he's been seen on USA's Shooter, Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Amazon's Sneaky Pete.

We'll have to wait a bit to see just where Sherlock's life will go next, as Elementary Season 6 will make its big debut on CBS during the midseason, presumably in early 2018. To see when everything else is hitting the small screen before then, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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