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American Horror Story: Cult Just Added Another AHS Vet, Check Out The First Look

With the latest theme for American Horror Story having been revealed through the subtitle Cult, the FX series can focus more of its promotional push on cast announcements, and co-creator Ryan Murphy has been busy teasing fans with what's to come. For instance, today saw the reveal of the show's newest returning cast member: Emma Roberts. Check her out below.

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Now, I know we don't really know much about the central story and characters involved in American Horror Story: Cult, but it's relatively safe to assume that Emma Roberts will be playing a character who holds herself in very high esteem and chooses to communicate with people with a snarky attitude that exudes sass with every breath. I don't know that it's possible for the actress to dwell within the AHS-verse with a personality that isn't brash and self-assertive.

It's nearly impossible to gather any legitimate information from this image, but we do what we can. In the first place, she's holding a knife and doesn't look afraid to use it, which could mean she's a dangerous member of whatever cult is at the center of the season's focus. Or maybe she will be one of those who takes a stand against said cult, in order whatever the uninitiated are aiming to accomplish.

Beyond the weapon and the "stab hither" look in her eyes, the clothing choices for Emma Roberts' unnamed character are pretty striking, and she's apparently a fan of buttons. The overcoat itself looks fairly normal, but the shirt or dress beneath it doesn't appear to be the most fashionable one for a modern young woman. Or maybe I'm just clueless about fashion, current or otherwise.

The last time Emma Roberts made her way through an American Horror Story season, she was running carnival scams with Denis O'Hare for Freak Show, and the season before that, she was full of spells in New Orleans for Coven. She and Ryan Murphy haven't stopped working together, though, as she also fronted both seasons of Scream Queens, which isn't moving forward with Season 3.

American Horror Story: Cult will kick off with the 2016 Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and it will then go off in a narrative direction that takes on all sides of the current U.S. political spectrum. And at some point along the way, the show will re-incorporate Twisty the Clown into the fold, while introducing new cast members like Arrow star Colton Haynes, Girls' Lena Dunham, Popular's Leslie Grossman, The Newsroom's Allison Pill, Difficult People's Billy Eichner, and Scream Queens' Billie Lourd.

We'll hopefully find out what Emma Roberts and more are up to before the season starts, but if that won't be the case, be sure to tune into American Horror Story: Cult when it debuts on FX on Tuesday, September 5, at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is hitting the small screen in the near future, head to our summer premiere schedule and our fall TV schedule.

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