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One Insane New TV Show Will Let Fans Change The Storyline, Will Also Tie In Video Games And VR

Back to Earth

How we digest entertainment is something that's continually changing, from streaming to social media to watching on our phones to the rapidly emerging VR experience. The humble little television isn't the only game in town anymore, and one ambitious new project is looking to combine all the major forms of technology for one massive storytelling experience. Called Back to Earth, this new series looks like it's hoping to redefine entertainment. It's a show, an app, a blog, a video game, and whatever Pokemon Go is -- complete with in-game purchases.

Back to Earth describes itself as the future of storytelling. The series will exist on multiple platforms and will allow viewers/users/whatever to sway the outcome of certain story elements using a form of digital token. The story takes place in a dystopian future where a new technology has gone awry and turned the human race into aggressive brain-dead beings. The few survivors left must navigate this world in order to rediscover humanity. Back to Earth will exist on websites, as graphic novels, in virtual reality, apps, social media pages and physical locations, and players who dive deep into the world will be rewarded with clues to help uncover the game's mystery. Using every form of technology possible to tell this story about new technology going bad are 3Six Media Group and Blockspace Media.

The ambitious project will use a proprietary form of digital token called StarCredits. This in-game currency can be used to sway real-time story outcomes, unlock special features, earn in-game content, purchase certain storylines, and discover hidden puzzles. Back to Earth was actually crowdfunded using StarCredits. There will only be 20 million StarCredits and they will be destroyed after use.

Per Deadline, Back to Earth has recruited Frederico Heller to direct the project, which will star Bruno Gunn (Westworld), Eimanne Zein (Strength And Fortune), Clay Space (Better Call Saul), and Delyn and Keziah Wall (Inseparables). Kevin Schulmeister (The Counselor), Keagan Karnes (Thank You), Tiffany Sherie Neeley (The Other Side), and Shad Adair (White Room) produce.

So, pretty bonkers, right? I'm not entirely sure what to make of all this, but maybe it'll be easier to understand once this thing gets closer to release. Right now, it sounds like those big immersive viral movie campaigns (like The Dark Knight's "Why So Serious" campaign that consumed the world for a time) crossed with the interactive community of Pokemon Go. It's a bit difficult to process, but I'm just a humble man with little understandin' of future speak. The trailer for Back to Earth doesn't do much to illuminate things either. Take a look below:

Back to Earth goes into production on August 7. For all the series you need to pay attention to, check out our summer and fall TV premiere schedules.

Matt Wood

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