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Warning! This post contains spoilers regarding last night's Game of Thrones. Read at your own risk.

Last night's Game Of Thrones episode was one of the best of Season 7, and it was jam-packed with callbacks and other important dialogue moments that many may have missed. For those that were too busy cheering Dany's dragons turning the Lannister forces into ash, here are the biggest lines from "The Spoils of War," and why they're important:

Littlefinger Game Of Thrones HBO

"Chaos is a ladder." - Bran, to Littlefinger

Many Game Of Thrones fans were quick to notice Littlefinger's fear when the scheming lord heard Bran utter this line, but why did he freak? That quote was actually part of a much larger monologue given by Petyr Baelish to Varys in Season 3 that ended with Baelish saying chaos, and the climb through, it is the only thing that's real in this world. Bran's line was delivered as though it was his way of saying "Your bullshit won't work on me," given Littlefinger's questionably sympathetic tone just prior, in pointing out how hard the Stark boy's life must have been up to that point. Regardless of intention, it appears Baelish comes out of this exchange understanding, perhaps better than any of Winterfell's residents, exactly who The Three-Eyed Raven is

Meera Game Of Thrones HBO

"You died in that cave." - Meera, To Bran

Littlefinger wouldn't have been the only person privy to the power of the Three-Eyed Raven, had Meera and Bran not had that falling out shortly after their conversation. Game Of Thrones fans were denied any tearful farewells during her goodbye, as Bran remained numb to his fellow survivor as she reminded him of everything it took to bring him back home. The line above was extremely important, as it perfectly laid out that the Three-Eyed Raven, while physically Bran Stark, is no longer the person he once was. While some characters in the show may still struggle with that personality shift, his overall indifference to Meera was a great way to drive the concept home to audiences, showcasing Bran's true transformation.

Jaime Lannister Bronn Game Of Thrones HBO

"You fucking idiot." - Tyrion, To Jaime

Although not directly heard by Jaime, Tyrion's words to his Lannister brother were emotionally heavy as he watched Jaime ride towards Drogon and Daenerys, and therefore to an almost certain death. It called back to earlier in the episode, when Dany accused Tyrion of intentionally goofing their battle strategy in an effort to aid his family, and while Game Of Thrones' fans can be sure Tyrion has no love for the bulk of his family, Jaime was always the exception. If Jaime didn't die at the bottom of that water, it seems likely he will be captured by Dany's army, and her Hand will then truly be faced with a test of familial allegiance. Would Tyrion work to save his brother from imprisonment like Jaime did for him in Season 4? Now it seems more likely than not.

Game Of Thrones HBO

"Isn't their survival more important than your pride?" - Daenerys, To Jon

This line was another callback to an earlier season, as Dany feeds Jon the same line verbatim that he fed Mance Rayder in Season 5. Like Mance was to Stannis, Jon is currently conflicted about whether he should join the cause of another monarch, for the safety of his people. The word-for-word delivery is another moment in which fans join Jon Snow as he remembers how pride played out for the leader of the Wildlings. Does this mean Jon is actually going to bend the knee to Dany, despite all else? Given how things worked out for Mance Rayder -- he was burned alive -- that seems like the right play, although it doesn't seem likely the North will forgive him if he does.

Robert Baratheon HBO Game Of Thrones

Bonus: "Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field."- Robert Baratheon

This is obviously not a quote from this episode, but the Season 1 wisdom of Robert Baratheon really rang true in the final scene of "Spoils of War." While Drogon did a fair share of destruction all on his own, it's more than safe to say the Dothraki would've cut through the Lannister forces all the same, given the first chunk of the battle. Jaime learned a hard lesson when attempting to stand and fight the Dothraki on flat land, and if Cersei knows what's good for her, she will wholly dissuade further Lannister forces from attempting to take on the Dothraki in an open field setting ever again. Luckily, with both King's Landing and Euron's fleet in her possession, she may not have to.

Game Of Thrones is all new on HBO on Sunday, August 13th, at 9:00 p.m. ET. With only a few episodes remaining in the season, now might be a good time to check up on our summer premiere guide to prepare for that upcoming void of nothing to watch on Sunday nights. Those concerned about that shouldn't be too worried though as the fall premiere guide will be in effect soon enough and soon fans will have very little time to catch all the great programming coming out!

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