Another 24 Reboot Is Probably Happening, But Expect Some Major Differences

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24 was a ratings juggernaut for Fox in its heydey, and it transformed Kiefer Sutherland into an action superstar on the small screen. It has come back a couple of times after its initial end in 2010, with the latest attempt at a reboot in early 2017 with 24: Legacy. It was the first 24 venture that didn't feature Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, and it failed to catch on with fans. The cancellation of Legacy didn't come as a huge surprise, but fans don't have to despair the end of the franchise. 24 is probably coming back in a whole new way.

20th Century Fox has begun discussing the future of 24 with executive producers Howard Gordon, Joel Surnow, and Brian Grazer. The team has come up with the idea of moving the 24 action out of the CTU, where it has been centered from the very first season. The same format of a ticking clocking would still apply to the reboot, so the new show would still be recognizable as a chapter in the 24 franchise. The announcement came at the TCA press tour (via Deadline), and 24 fans have reason to celebrate if they were uncertain of the franchise's future on the small screen.

Another change is that the storytelling moving forward may be more anthological from season to season rather than serialized. The prospective reboot is still in the very early stages of development, so we don't have much in the way of plot details, but Fox chairman Dana Walden has revealed that the story won't revolve around a pandemic. The folks at Fox are also not looking to provide commentary on the current state of politics or government.

The news of a potential new entry in the 24 franchise doesn't come as a huge shock, all things considered. When Fox announced the cancellation of Legacy back in June, the possibility of future anthology series was teased. No timetable was given, however, and there was no saying if we'd get any more 24 in the foreseeable future. The development of a reboot with big differences indicates that Fox still believes that viewers will tune in for a show based on a countdown. Taking the action out of the CTU could breathe fresh life into the franchise and soothe the sting that might come with another season without Jack Bauer in the forefront.

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