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Those looking for that fresh Night's Watch look to wear to their next Season 7 watch party for Game Of Thrones are in luck! Turns out the secret behind the capes in the series is that they're not costumes at all, but rather a household item found at your nearest IKEA. Former and current chief costume designer for the series Michele Clapton shares more on the capes in the quote below:

The capes are actually IKEA rugs, I know, we take anything we can. We cut and we shaved them and then we added strong leather straps and then "breakdown," which is like a religion on Game Of Thrones.

As for what model rug Michele Clapton and the Game Of Thrones crew purchase at IKEA, that remains a mystery! The store offers a wide selection of rugs, and considering there are a lot of capes worn by the Night's Watch, it seems reasonable to speculate they aren't repurposing some of the $699+ "Silkeborg" models the store sells. QZ suggests that Clapton and the crew could use the "Tejn," which at $14.99 seems like a decent suspect, as well as the "Rens," which is only $29.99 and made of real sheepskin so that's a strong contender as well.

Anyone thinking they can simply buy a rug online right now and run around like they're King In The North is in for a rude awakening, though, as Michele Clapton wasn't kidding when she said the "breakdown" process is treated like a religion on Game Of Thrones. Once transformed, the clothes are then beaten and worn out to the point that Clapton wants the audience to feel as though they can smell what the characters are wearing, and the process pretty much seems to work. It seems like such a brutal thing for IKEA to allow considering how warmly this Rens was treated in the company's official video:

While the capes may be cheap, the thrills certainly are not as Game Of Thrones is all new this Sunday, August 13th at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Those still raving about this latest episode might want to check out this weird coincidence that has us really worried about Drogon or relive some of the episode's biggest lines and why they're important. Those more for speculation about things to come might be more interested in reading up on our recent post on the Three-Eyed Raven and why he's so important. For all other programming, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide as well as our fall premiere guide.

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