Game of Thrones pulled out all the stops in the latest episode of Game of Thrones and delivered one of the most epic battle sequences of the series to date. Dany finally unleashed her dragons on Westeros, flying into war on Drogon's back and leading an army of Dothraki screamers. The Lannister army was entirely unprepared for a conflict that involved lots of dragon fire and a Dothraki horde, and it was clear that not too many of Jaime's men were going to survive. The episode ended before we saw how the battle came to an end, but new photos from this Sunday's "Eastwatch" have provided a look at the aftermath of Dany's massacre of the Lannister army. Take a look!

While Tyrion wasn't on the field of battle himself, he wasn't very far off. Watching the battle from a safe distance, he saw the Lannister army being burned alive by Drogon and slaughtered by the Dothraki screamers. Tyrion clearly wasn't getting the same satisfaction out of the battle as the other onlookers, and the photo points to Tyrion being somewhat appalled by what has happened. Even if he's Team Dany, he lived almost his entire life as a Lannister in the Seven Kingdoms, and those were his people who he watched die horrifying deaths. Throw in what may have happened to Jaime, and Tyrion isn't going to be too happy in "Eastwatch" as he walks the field that's still smoldering from Drogon's attack.

Tyrion and Dany do not seem on the same page in this next photo. They appear to be addressing a crowd with a group of Dothraki warriors behind them. Judging by what we saw in the trailer, Dany is likely delivering an ultimatum to folks from the Seven Kingdoms, demanding that they either bend the knee or be killed. Dany looks much more resolute than Tyrion, although we can bet that neither of them are in any danger with the Dothraki behind and Drogon undoubtedly near.

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