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Warning! This post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Game Of Thrones! Read at your own risk.

Last night's Game Of Thrones featured many surprises, and while one of them has been rumored for quite a while, it was still nice to see Joe Dempsie finally make his return as Robert Baratheon's bastard Gendry on the series. The actor shared how it feels to be back in the series in Season 7 and how satisfied he is with his surprising return:

It feels kind of perfect from a personal point of view. I can't speak for everyone but I think most actors in the show, if you ask them what they want for their character ... I think the majority of us would say, 'I just want a part to play in the end game.' So hopefully by staying out of harm's way for three seasons, I hopefully get to survive a bit longer.

Three seasons under the radar might have served Gendry well so far, but the next episode of Game Of Thrones may not. While one has to admire his gusto and eagerness to help out in the fight against Cersei Lannister, traveling with Jon Snow beyond the wall to fight White Walkers doesn't seem like the best way for a non-series regular to stay alive! The "hopeful" Joe Dempsie didn't tell Variety exactly how long Gendry will be along for the ride, but he seems satisfied enough with what he's done so far, so let's hope he at least gets to reunite with Arya if death is headed his way.

In regards to spoilers and how the show has changed since he was last on it, Joe Dempsie talked about the leak from last year that began the rumors that Gendry would row his way back to the show in Season 7. Dempsie gives fans a glimpse of what the rock and roll lifestyle of being a notable Game Of Thrones character is like, and how one can never be too paranoid when a camera phone is out:

It just happened to be an unusually hot September day in London. I remember thinking as I left for the airport, 'Is it a bit uncouth to show up for rehearsals in shorts and flip flops?' But it was so hot I couldn't even contemplate putting jeans on so I decided just to go for it. . . . I'd been on Irish soil for 15 minutes, very conscious of the fact that if people spot me there might be an issue. I was walking through the arrivals area and I just looked to the side and there's this guy there with his camera phone. I thought, 'Maybe I misread that situation.' Then I woke up the next morning to a bunch of messages on my phone. One of them was a link to a Vanity Fair article. I think by that point it had gone to every major entertainment publication there is.

Hopefully, Gendry's situational awareness is better than Joe Dempsie's as the character heads towards the White Walkers when Game Of Thrones hits HBO next Sunday, August 20th, at 9 p.m. ET. Gendry's return was just one of the many awesome things that happened last night as the true heir to the throne may have been snuck in there, and how Cersei's potential path to the afterlife may have finally been revealed. Those all tuckered out from Game Of Thrones talk can take a break by seeing what's on tap for television this week via our helpful summer premiere guide, or we can all look ahead to the future with out fall premiere guide for a list of hot shows just around the corner.

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