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Watch Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington Pretend To Be A Dragon In Adorable New Video

Game of Thrones is an incredibly intense show that that doesn't always provide a whole lot of laughs. Season 7 has had plenty of doom and gloom so far, and the stakes are only going to get higher now that the Great War is nigh. That said, the actors who bring the Game of Thrones characters to life weren't overwhelmed with doom and gloom while filming, as we can see in a new video that features Kit Harington pretending to be a dragon. Take a look!

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I never knew I needed to see Kit Harington in full Jon Snow costume pretending that he's a dragon, but now I feel just a little bit better about the next couple of episodes. Sure, Jon is still leading an expedition north of the Wall that is probably going to get a bunch of people killed, and yes, Dany's forces are still stretched thin, but who can be stressed when the King in the North is flapping his cloak around in the wind like a dragon? The video comes courtesy of Emilia Clarke, who can be heard giggling up a storm in her Instagram post.

There's a lot of adorable in this little clip. We have Emilia Clarke giggling in a most un-Daenerys way, and we have Kit Harington channeling his inner dragon with a very straight face until he finally breaks at the end. Even Clarke's captions are downright adorable. She posted the video shortly after Jon Snow got close enough to touch a dragon on the show, which proved that Jon's secret Targaryen heritage could have practical applications. Perhaps filming that scene -- although obviously without an actual dragon on set -- is what inspired Harington to go full dragon. With his black cloak, he looks like the human version of Drogon.

The clip of Kit Harington majestically flapping his cape in the Dragonstone wind is all the more hilarious because of what we recently learned about the costumes on Game of Thrones. The costume designer revealed that the capes in the show are actually IKEA rugs that have been shaved and broken down until they look like something that could actually come out of Westeros. In episodes, we see Jon Snow looking like the King in the North in all black. In behind-the-scenes clips, we see Kit Harington wearing an IKEA rug and playing dragon. What's not to love?

Considering how Season 7 has been progressing, we'll probably see Kit Harington doing more and more with dragons in what's left of the series. The show has been dropping clues about his status as a Targaryen who is technically ahead of Dany in the traditional line of succession, and we may even see him ride a dragon at some point. Drogon has been claimed by Dany, but Rhaegal and Viserion could still take a rider.

We'll have to wait and see. New episodes of Game of Thrones air on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Check out our fall TV guide for your viewing options once Season 7 has come to an end and we're stuck with yet another hiatus.

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