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Spoiler warning for anyone who isn't caught up on Game of Thrones going into the Season 7 finale.

The stage is set for the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, and yet Daenerys Targaryen is nowhere to be found. The mother of dragons is notably absent from photos and trailers promoting this Sunday's episode, and as many fans have pointed out, it's quite the odd choice, considering she's a key dragon-mourning player in this whole ordeal. So, now that it's been established this is a weird thing, why is Game of Thrones hiding Dany from all footage leading up the finale?

Tthere's merit to anyone thinking there isn't significant rhyme or reason that Game of Thrones is leaving Dany out of the finale's promotional materials, although one would think if it's just a coincidence. If it was an accident, someone at HBO would've pointed out the trailer is missing one of the show's principal characters in order to get it fixed. It's also unrealistic to think that Daenerys doesn't have that large of a role to play in this week's events, since this grand meeting for an armistice was orchestrated by her Hand Tyrion. Make no mistake, Dany definitely is involved in this week's mega-finale, and there's likely a good reason she isn't present for the big meeting, or elsewhere in the first looks.

After all, Cersei Lannister has a track record of blowing up places where a lot of her enemies hang out, so it seems wise for Daenerys to hang back and let Jon Snow and Tyrion handle business considering they want what she wants. Game of Thrones' Lord of Light knows you can never be too careful when dealing with Cersei!

To go further off the idea Dany is intentionally being kept away from said meeting, she is likely still reeling from the death of Viserion in last week's episode of Game of Thrones, and as such the last thing her camp wants to reveal Cersei is that the Night King killed one of her dragons in battle. Doing so might sway Cersei against participating in the war against the Night King, as to help her odds at keeping the throne following the war's conclusion. Really, the Lannister queen just might be crazy enough to try and side with the undead to win this thing. That would be a terrible decision for Cersei to make, but it's not like she's necessarily known for rational thinking in times of crisis.

There's also the possibility that the Mad King's daughter might turn very aggressive after witnessing the White Walkers and losing a dragon, and could be mounting an attack to force the Lannister loyal armies to fall in line at any cost. That seems somewhat unlikely, as the best way to do that and still utilize their army against the Night King would be to kill Cersei. And one would have to be in Cersei's presence to make a play like that.

Still, HBO showing absolutely zero footage of Dany in the trailer and photos seems like a big indicator something shocking may be happening regarding her character this episode, so maybe something like that isn't as crazy as it sounds. Maybe the episode starts off with her having a flashback dream with Khal Drogo, something that couldn't very well be teased in a trailer, and then she's killed off in some horrific way minutes later, which obviously also couldn't be hinted at. Or maybe it's none of these things.

Game of Thrones will air its Season 7 finale on HBO on Sunday, August 27th at 9:00 p.m. ET. For more discussion related to the series ahead of the finale, be sure to read how we think Arya and Sansa's conflict should end or a list of moments we need to see in the Season 7 finale. For a list of shows to jump into while waiting for Season 8 of GoT, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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