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New Young Sheldon Trailer Shows His Childhood Quirks

The latest look at Young Sheldon has found its way to the web, and this new trailer shows the beginning of some of those famous quirks the character is known for in The Big Bang Theory. Check out Sheldon's mittens and his attempt at playing outside in the trailer below and continue reading:

The trailer is incredibly short, but it does show a lot for fans of The Big Bang Theory to get excited about! Sheldon's family is in tow, which includes the mentioned but never before seen older brother George Cooper Jr. and Sheldon's presently deceased father George Cooper. There's also the younger version of Sheldon's twin sister and arch-rival Missy Cooper, as well as his frequently featured mother, Mary. While it will be cool to see Sheldon interact with the two latter characters, Young Sheldon will be a chance to develop two characters The Big Bang Theory has really only touched on briefly. Judging from the mittens, Sheldon's brother isn't the cleanest of individuals, but Sheldon is a bit odd, so who knows really?

The family dynamic of Young Sheldon isn't the only thing people looking forward to this series should be excited for, as the trailer also makes a point to mention religion. While his mother Mary is portrayed as a hardcore Christian in the series, Sheldon Cooper has always been portrayed as an atheist. Knowing that, this series might show his transition from being raised in the church to how it shaped his current viewpoint of the world. Admittedly, that sounds a little heavy for a show like this, but The Big Bang Theory has made that a point of contention between Sheldon and his mother in the past, so those wishing to watch shouldn't be surprised if this new series does broach the topic.

Other things the Young Sheldon trailer teased was Sheldon's upbringing in East Texas, and teases how even though he wasn't like most of the boys around him, he still managed to learn a good deal about football. As for what the trailer didn't show, Chuck Lorre has indicated the series may cover the death of George Cooper Sr. as the show is set five years before his death. It has also been confirmed that the Cooper family will also include Sheldon's Meemaw, and it's a shame we didn't get to see her here!

Young Sheldon is set to premiere Monday, September 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET. The premiere takes place just after The Big Bang Theory kicks off its eleventh season, so fans of that show will want to strap in for what will hopefully be an hour of fun. Anyone curious as to what else CBS has on tap for their fall programming can click here to see its full lineup. For a broader scope of what to expect for this coming season of television visit our fall premiere guide.

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