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When Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 came to a close, it seemed like the time-jaunting superhero series would possibly be adding a new dinosaur character to the mix for Season 3, but that hasn't happened just yet. We will get to see new recruit Tala Ashe as Zari Adrianna Tomaz (known to comic fans as Isis), and she made her very first appearance in the new Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 trailer. While not exactly a power-filled introduction, there was some snark involved. Check her out below.

zari legends of tomorrow

As she's from the future, Zari's arrival in this universe is rather complicated, as she isn't exactly going to be gung ho about working with the Legends at first. After all, the incredibly bleak and doomed future is why she made the trip back in the first place, and as it's shown in the trailer, she isn't exactly impressed with how the group has "saved the world...twice!" So there's obviously much work left to be done if Stein, Mick, and everyone else wants to have a hospitable Earth to look forward to as the years go by.

Set to the tune of "It's Our Time" from Extreme Music, the Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 trailer kicks off by reminding fans what Season 2 was all about, and then it jumps right back into the even more distant past. First, we get to see Mick getting his tan on in ancient Rome, even though he's not exactly welcome. Then we head to the circus for a Bearded Lady and other freak show oddities, with Sara and Ray looking almost too pleased to be there. Maybe it's just the dapper duds their donning. Nate also looks extremely happy in every scene he's in, except for maybe when he's going into Steel mode.

Check out the full trailer below!

As Legends of Tomorrow has no hesitance or shame in delving out the notable references to other science fiction properties, it's awesome to hear "Come with us if you want to live," an obvious iteration of the famed Terminator dialogue. And considering Steel's visual similarities to the shape-shifting T-1000, it's a proper reference to make. Plus, the show is dipping into the 1980s for something E.T.-related, which would be the best spot possible for a 33-year-old movie line.

Along with the introduction of Tala Ashe's Zari, Season 3 will give Legends of Tomorrow fans a different version for its villains, with a new dark take on Captain Cold and Damien Darhk, along with lots of other interesting historical plots and locations to get weird with. And yes, Gorilla Grodd will show up. Fun as it can be, nobody said saving the planet with time travel is easy.

Get ready to watch what could be the most exciting batch of Legends of Tomorrow episodes yet, as Season 3 is set to kick off on The CW on Tuesday, October 4, at 9:00 p.m. ET, right after the Season 5 premiere of The Flash. (Those two shows will get an early crossover.) To see when everything else is heading to TV in the near future, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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