Major spoilers below for Preacher's Season 2 finale, so The Word says to make sure and watch before reading on.

Preacher is unlike any other show on TV for quite a few reasons, not limited to using Hell as a central setting, introducing an inbred family line for Jesus Christ, and having a crack-smoking vampire as a main character. Now that Season 2 is over, with Tulip's life (or death?) hanging in the balance, Preacher fans undoubtedly want to know what will happen next, assuming AMC orders Season 3 soon. CinemaBlend spoke with Featherstone herself, Julie Ann Emery, and though she doesn't "know" where the show is going, she offered up some informed hints about where things are heading.

As you'll recall, the last time we saw Featherstone, she'd just put a bullet in Tulip. (Here's what Julie Ann Emery told me about that crazy moment.) While lamenting that her Grail operative didn't get to have an actual throwdown with Ruth Negga's Tulip, Emery talked about seeing her organization fitting in with Jesse's oh-so-mysterious former home, which comic fans know quite well.

I'm really curious how the Grail fits into some kind of Angelville narrative. Which, I don't know what the answer to that is, but it seems like Jesse is headed in that direction. And there are some characters in Angelville that I'd love to see Featherstone go head-to-head with for sure.

Angelville is, of course, the swamp-surrounded home of Jesse's grandmother, dubbed Marie "Gran'Ma" L'Angell in both the show and Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's source material. In the relatively few moments we've spent in and around Angelville, we've seen an orphaned Jesse go through one of the worst punishments imaginable as he was subjugated by water-bound coffin and made to denounce the Custer name. And the finale introduced the concept that Gran'Ma is apparently capable of resurrecting the dead, which is why Jesse and Cassidy were on their way there with Tulip's corpse in the backseat.

One might not think that The Grail will have much to do with Angelville, considering how it all went down in the comics, but it's precisely the changes that invite the organization's presence. For instance, Tulip's death and resurrection happened entirely within that location on the page, with Gran'Ma's thug Jody doing the killin' and God himself doing the resurrectin'. But The Grail is already involved, with Featherstone on the one side of Tulip's death, and since the L'Angell matriarch is presumably on the other, her otherworldly powers will no doubt get the attention of Herr Starr, right?

Now onto something a little more Hitler-related...

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