Preacher Finally Revealed What Happened With Arseface, And It's Awful

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Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 3 of Preacher Season 2, "Damsels."

While Preacher brought a lot of craziness to the small screen with characters like Jesse and Tulip and Cassidy in Season 1, the most unforgettable character has to be none other than Arseface. He didn't even appear in the whole season, but the look of his face combined with his tragic story guaranteed that he would be a standout of the first season. Arseface -- a.k.a. Eugene -- has been out of the picture ever since the fifth episode, when Jesse sent him away with the very literal command of "Go to Hell!" We finally found out what happened to Arseface in "Damsels," and it wasn't pretty.

Arseface was indeed sent down to Hell after Jesse commanded it, and he's presumably been there ever since the fifth episode of the first season. It was in Hell that we learned the whole story of how Arseface got that face of his. Tracy called Eugene over to her house because she intended to kill herself and had even written some very specific suicide notes for him to read. He was able to talk her out of shooting herself, and they shared a nice hug... until Eugene misread the situation and tried to kiss her. Unfortunately, Tracy was so disgusted by the attempted kiss that she just went ahead and shot herself in the head anyway. Ouch!

As if that wasn't traumatizing enough, Eugene tried to put her brains back in her head. Failing that, and with her mom banging on the door and trying to find out what had happened, Eugene went ahead and turned the gun on himself. His first attempt to fire failed, but the second time worked, and thus, Arseface was born.

Normally, such a blast from the past would be interesting, although not completely relevant to the present day action. In this case, however, the suicide of Tracy and the destruction of his face are very current events to Arseface. In his version of Hell, he's stuck in a jail cell where that deadly encounter is playing over and over again in front of him. Poor Arseface was sent to Hell because Jesse didn't like the implication that he was misusing his powers, and Arseface has been watching the worst moments of his life over and over and over because of it. Even if Arseface was the most dastardly character on the show, I'm not sure he'd deserve this fate.

Of course, Arseface isn't all alone down in Hell. When he finally discovers that the door to his cell is open, he wanders out and encounters somebody who I think we all agree actually does belong down in hell: Hitler. Yes, Arseface's life (such as it is) has gotten even more dark and twisted now that Hitler is involved. Preacher has found a way to get even more bizarre than ever, and with an unexpected twist on the comic source material.

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